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Rosetta Porn

La Via Del Tren Subterraneo Es Peligrosa (sp)
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I haven't taken the subway in years, but I remember that phrase, and the somewhat trivial process of rosetting it versus the English text.

Today, we're getting myriads of unwanted emails, with a substantial majority therein being porn.

Sex being a great motivator, if these emails were only written in two languages, we'd all be getting a useful education while pouring through the contents.

theircompetitor, Feb 02 2005

Rosetta Texts http://venturebeat....age-learning-media/
[theircompetitor, Nov 23 2010]


       You know, this is probably how future archaeologists will translate our language. Let's hope they understand telephone numbers, otherwise '505050' might be added to the dictionary as 'an adjectival intensifier'.
moomintroll, Feb 02 2005

       "Ovnen ma ikke tilldekkes!"
wagster, Feb 02 2005

       Oh ... my god. Just for shits and giggles I checked out my spam catcher folder and I'm up to like 100 a day. Who knew?
reensure, Feb 02 2005

       How do you say "I've been autoboned" in hieroglyphics?
theircompetitor, Feb 03 2005

       So that's why you've been ignoring my penis extender poetry I send to you, [reensure].
Detly, Feb 03 2005

       See link for a company introducing co-translation of text messages and emails as a means of learning a language
theircompetitor, Nov 23 2010


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