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Return of the Bunkernauts

The world's deadliest assault team
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People didn't really like my idea in "Bunker Buster 2", however, they did give me a great idea: bunkernauts. Anyone seen that aweful movie "The Core" with Terranauts. No, bunkernauts are not like that. Rather, they enter the bunkers of enemy forces through special bunker-buster shells. How do they avoid being turned into soup from the impact? Easy, DuPont develops a special polyheasic custard that allows an inner capsule containing the deadly assault team to be cushioned from the Mach 2-0 mph stop. But it gets better. Each bunker they capture is turned into a special wild-life preserve. Why? Well, they so they can raise all sorts of near-extinct animals in the safest places in the world, and only the bunkernauts can get to them! PETA and GreenPeace are already ordering...
benlevi7, Jan 05 2004


       Idea might best reside in Culture:Television
Letsbuildafort, Jan 05 2004

       Mmmmm... polyheasic custard.   

       BTW, according to the ST:TNG designers, high acceleration turns people into "chunky salsa", not soup.
GenYus, Jan 05 2004


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