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Philosophical standing patch

Declare one's philosophy and change society with it
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These simply color-coded badges would declare the moral and philosophical foundation by which one lives. A website would be available for lookup and/or they could have small lettering or symbols with the color's meaning. Worn by enough people it would:

-Help people understand one-another in political debate
-Provide immediate non- trivial conversation to replace small talk.
-Allow society to converge on the most well supported and useful philosophies.
Voice, Aug 20 2014

We been there already... Geek_20Code_20Matchmaker
[normzone, Aug 21 2014]

An earlier revision http://history1900s...st/a/yellowstar.htm
[RayfordSteele, Aug 21 2014]


       Is this like "stand your ground" but without the gunfire?   

       NB, might work better as QR codes.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 21 2014

       I don't think this would change society in a desireable direction. Too easily leads to people wearing Stars of David, scarlet letters, and the like. No website would be required. Do Crips members need to look up graffiti styles to understand Blood territory?
RayfordSteele, Aug 21 2014

       I don't think this idea solves the problems posed.   

       Take a random survey of people who wear crosses, etc, on a necklace or whatever. I'm sure you'd get answers as diverse as:   

       - I'm a Christian and let me tell you about the Bible!   

       - I like the way it looks   

       - I've always worn it   

       - It was on sale   

       - Me mum gave it to me   

       etc, etc.   

       Same would happen with this colour system.
the porpoise, Aug 21 2014

       //the moral and philosophical foundation by which one lives.//   

       So only a handfull of people would wear this?   

       It is easy to find people that advocate a moral, philosophical, or religious foundation but virtually impossible to find people that actually live by them.
zeno, Aug 25 2014

       On a voluntary basis, better self-identification makes great sense. But to paraphrase Groucho Marx, no one wants to be put into the same box that would take them. Most blogs have blinkered every byte without recharging their basic profile pages.
4and20, Aug 25 2014

       //It is easy to find people that advocate a moral, philosophical, or religious foundation but virtually impossible to find people that actually live by them.// Quite right. The idea is of no use without either some kind of peer-review process, or a central authentication authority that hands out face-slaps to silly folk who self-identify, despite all evidence to the contrary that they are, for example; Radical Feminists (of the "everything is rape variety"), Fundamentalist Muslims (of the beheading bent), Tea- Party Members (of the "bring down the government" kind), Socialists (of the concrete block dropping, thuggish type), "Community Workers" (of the racial-tension whirling up type, who usually are happy to accept government funding to help them get on TV) etc, when in fact, the very vast majority of them are just self-aggrandising attention-seekers willing to take ridiculous and counter-helpful stances in order to build up and validate their own unfortunate existences. I'd happily take a pay-cut to help invigilate such a service.
zen_tom, Aug 27 2014

       So what the meaning of Moshe Dayan's?
pashute, Aug 28 2014


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