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Reverse-hold button

Making them wait for you
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It happens to me and perhaps to you. I call customer support, and get put in a holding queue. And then, lo and behold, I have to poo.

Now, if I put the phone down and make a head call, chances are pretty good customer support will pick up while I'm gone, realize I'm not there, and hang up. So what I need is a button I can push that'll keep an announcement playing--"Please hold, the caller is away from his desk and will be back momentarily"--so if customer support picks up while I'm away, they'll hopefully stick around 'til I get back.

TheJeff, May 27 2004

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       it's amazing that it's come to this, but I couldn't agree more.. many's the time I've been on hold for 40 minutes and it's 'kin annoying not to be able to go and get a sandwich or whatever.

you end up handing the phone to a colleague and asking them to stay on hold for you.
neilp, May 27 2004

       They would just hang up on you anyways.
Ebassick15, May 27 2004

       You are in the hold queue because they are busy. Waiting around for someone to come off hold would make more calls be put on hold while they are busy dealing with your hold music.   

       On the other hand, [edited] see link.
reap, May 27 2004

       //But then other people will have to wait longer for their service//   

       I really don't think that if the person on the other end picked up and found themselves on hold, they'd just sit there twiddling their thumbs. They could go to another call and come back after that one, and then take the next call and come back, etc.
Detly, May 28 2004

       Haven't you people heard of the wonder of cordless phones?   

       And if you get the right model, it'll have a built-in speakerphone so you can put it down and do something.
Eugene, May 28 2004

       Have you read 'why not?'
nomadic_wonderer, May 28 2004

       What l3lackEyedAngels said.
Pericles, May 28 2004


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