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Reverse-printed Post-its

Business prints name/ad on "sticky side" of Post-It note
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One problem with using Post-It notes for advertising gimmicks is that the business's add/contact info must share space on the same side as peope would write their messages. If a business fills up the front of the notes with its message, the notes would be useless as "scribble" stickies.

If the business printed its info on the sticky side, however, and arranged for the notes to be dispensed "sticky-side up", then anyone using the note would remove it from the bad and immediately turn it over, exposing the blank side for writing but having just seen the advertiser's message.

Sound good?

supercat, Sep 04 2000


       Why would businesses do this?
bookworm, Sep 04 2000

       Most people write on the note before removing it from the pad...Sometimes they do end up on windows where the other side would show the larger logo, but I'd probably just pull the bottom off and turn it over to use as normal ones...
StarChaser, Sep 04 2000


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