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Tesla Branded Drawing Pin

Reprocessing wasted brand equity
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Rolls Royce has the Spirit of Ecstasy. Maserati has the trident. Ferrari and Mustang have horses. Jaguar has ... ehh ... it'll come to me.

But if you commit to the smooth electric future, you find that the blazon on the snout of your silent Rozinante is a thumb tack. It's a push pin. It is that whereby yellowing hard- copy clings by one corner to unvisited notice boards.

But since the connection has been made, it's a shame not to exploit it.

Hence, a limited edition of brass drawing pins with the Tesla T engraved on their flat surface.

pertinax, May 11 2022

For [Voice] https://www.google....=1920&bih=947&dpr=1
Others have noticed too (unless [pertinax] is a redditor..?) [neutrinos_shadow, May 12 2022]


       Use them to deflate billionaire's egos? Or the value of heavily traded virtual currencies?   

       All that power, put to good use, as it were.
UnaBubba, May 11 2022

       Just yesterday I thought I have not seen [pertinax] in awhile, but I wake up to an anno from [UnaBubba]! Nice to see you both and here’s a bun on a push pin.
xandram, May 11 2022

       Delightfully tacky. Have a bun [+]
whatrock, May 12 2022

       I don't get it.
Voice, May 12 2022

       If it were a true Tesla drawing pin, it would be completely and questionably re-engineered. Instead of Brass, a 2/3 Copper/ 1/3 Zinc alloy, Tesla would develop a proprietary 65% Copper 35% Zinc alloy and it would come in a year behind schedule with an enviable order list and rumblings about fit & finish quality.
bs0u0155, May 12 2022

       If it were a 'true' Tesla pin it would be AM radio powered and be free of charge, at least in a financial sense.   

       Do you mean Musk?   

       //I don't get it.//   

       After reading the idea and the explanatory link, I don't get it either. What's a "drawing pin"?   

       "Hey Alexa, what's a fucking drawing pin?"   

       "I don't know what a fucking drawing pin is, but a drawing pin is British for a thumbtack."   

       So the idea is to have thumbtacks with the Tesla logo on it? That's similar to my idea of having the Ford logo on scotch tape. Didn't catch on. Neither did my idea of having the Jeep logo on sticky notes, or the Ferrari logo on whiteboard magnets.   

       Guess people just don't get it.   

       Bun for putting up with my sarcasm. [+]
doctorremulac3, May 15 2022


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