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Reverse Placebo Machine

Randomly drug people who think they're taking a placebo
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Doses of various drugs are mixed with plecebos by a machine which records the doses and assigns a number- then the fun begins...

Study patients are told that they are being given a placebo, instead of the usual way things are done. Results are then monitored by researchers who don't know what the hell they're testing. Data for each dosage and reaction is dumped back into the machine, which keeps a monstrous database. Medical research advances by leaps and bounds, new drug interactions (both good and bad) are discovered, and lesser humans willing to play "Placebo Roulette" are frequently removed from the gene pool. Random recreational drugs can be included in the mix to encourage participation in the program.

Aluicious, Nov 04 2006


       the point being?
po, Nov 04 2006

       The point is- 86.4% of people make up there own statistics. The machine prevents this, and creates a new level of research called the "triple-blind study". Previously, only two levels of blindness were available.
Aluicious, Nov 04 2006

       A little evil but a good idea. The only problem is any manual selection of a group "mans willing to play "Plecebo Roulette"" would affect the results. because statistically those people are more likely to be influenced by drugs or mental deseases that are not included in the study.   

       Why not institute a draft that picks a peaple at random. Of coarse that would be more evil and somewhat counter productive. But we would learn alot.
nustada, Nov 04 2006

       "Are you a lesser human? Come and play Placebo (sp.) Roulette!"   

       I think you have to work on your advertising.
imaginality, Nov 04 2006

       //creates a new level of research called the "triple-blind study". Previously, only two levels of blindness were available.//   

       Triple-blind studies or 'trials' are quite baked, FYI.
Shz, Nov 05 2006

       Actually, I'm addicted to placebo's. I thought of checking into rehab but I couldn't see the point.
zeno, Nov 05 2006

       Placebo rehab is a great idea, you could go to a building, and spend a week where you may, or may not be getting off drugs that you're not completely sure you were addicted to in the first place.
zen_tom, Nov 10 2006

       Placebos are very effective drugs in some circumstances. There was a lovely medical study recently which compared different placebos' effectiveness and found some significant differences. Green pills were better than red pills, but not as effective as injections.
hippo, Nov 10 2006

       Sorry; thought it said 'placenta'.
angel, Nov 10 2006


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