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Sleep Gun

A device to help people go to sleep.
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This is an idea for a replica 9mm that, when you put it against your head and pull the trigger, it makes a loud bang! and then plays ambient music for an hour afterwards.

Hopefully, the motions of shooting yourself in the head would help people digest the idea of being still for 8 hours, and the music would ease the transition into the land of nod.

daseva, Nov 14 2007

Gun: With Occasional Music http://en.wikipedia...th_Occasional_Music
"Handguns also come with threatening violin soundtracks" [normzone, Nov 14 2007]


       //the motions of shooting yourself in the head would help people digest the idea of being still //   

       Surely your unconscious mind would only make this connection after you'd practised a few times with a real gun.   

       ...many times, if you're a slow learner.
pertinax, Nov 14 2007

       bone for reinforcing violent imagery
dentworth, Nov 14 2007

       (+) Made my night.
jutta, Nov 14 2007

       (+) for eliciting sanctimony from dentworth
Murdoch, Nov 14 2007

       Mixed nuts give mixed reviews!   

       I think the unconscious mind has a great deal of understanding when it comes to guns, [pert]. As for nightmares, I can't help you there, [dent]...   

       [jutta], you like this idea? Continually suprised.. ;)
daseva, Nov 14 2007

       twisted, great idea. [+]   

       one slight problem, better not make it look exactly like a real gun. I think, if you a person buys this, they are probably a gun person that probably has real guns. Lets say they get used to doing this every night to fall asleep, what happens the one night he picks up a real gun thinking its his sleep gun?   

       That would be one l o n g nights sleep
evilpenguin, Nov 14 2007


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