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Universal homeopathic treatment

I bet it works at least as well as specific homeopathy
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Homeopathy is the idea that 'like cures like', especially when diluted to nothing. For example, to cure stiffness, snake venom may be used. A typical preparation is apparently to serially dilute the compound 100-fold, thirty times. Some consider it important precisely how the dilution is mixed. This is known as a 30c preparation. At this level, it is highly unlikely that any molecules of the compound remain in any feasible volume prepared.

I was watching a program yesterday, and it turns out that there are many, many different homeopathic treatments. It occurs to me that there is plenty of free space in the solution for all these remedies to be combined. Simply prepare a dilution (perhaps at or above 20c, to avoid any risk of chemical cross-reaction) of each remedy. As required, combine all solutions, then perform the finishing dilutions. You now have a universal treatment, which, if you believe in homeopathy, will cure any disease or ailment.
Got a disease? Have a cup of water. Don't drink too little - you'll overdose.

Depending on local regulations, stating all the zeros in the percentage contents for each of the long list of ingredients may take some space. Therefore I propose selling the stuff in 2 litre containers. Fortunately, I expect the manufacturer would also be able to find non-medical homeopathic options, for example to improve water quality (add a few drops per day to your cistern, and wait for toilet odour to improve).

Guaranteed to treat dehydration, as part of a controlled diet.

Loris, Aug 21 2007

Homeopathic treatment of childhood diarrhea http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
looks like it works [bungston, Aug 21 2007]

Negative overview from 2000 http://www.acsh.org...lthissue_detail.asp
[jutta, Aug 21 2007]

Messages from Water http://www.life-ent.../research_emoto.htm
[nuclear hobo, Aug 21 2007]

Wikipedia: Dr. Emoto http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Emoto
[jutta, Aug 21 2007]

Belgium Skeptics commit mass suicide http://www.csicop.o...004-05/belgium.html
"... by drinking a lethal - 30C - dose of terribly toxic and dangerous drugs: snake poison, Belladonna or deadly nightshade, arsenic, dog's milk, petrol, and cockroach." They failed. Stupid skeptics! [jutta, Aug 21 2007]

Shameless self-promotion Alcohomeopathy
My concoctions are sure to provide at least one benefit... [imaginality, Aug 21 2007]

Frieda's Woo Woo Juice http://www.uwoowoo2.com/
With vibrational essence of crystals! [jutta, Aug 22 2007]


       so, you're halfbaking a product you yourself don't even believe in?
k_sra, Aug 21 2007

       I like it, I bun it, I would sell it to those inclined to buy it.
awesomest, Aug 21 2007

       Ha! Rant? Magic? Never mind.   

wagster, Aug 21 2007

       Ignores the fact that some compounds counteract or "antidote" others and that treating non-existent conditions can cause other problems. [-]
nuclear hobo, Aug 21 2007

       There have been several very good (controlled, double-blind, etc.) scientific studies of placebos and, as well as many interesting results (injected placebos are more effective than pill placebos; green pill placebos are more effective than red pill placebos; etc.), I'm pretty sure that 'targetted' placebos are found to be more effective than 'wide-spectrum' placebos.
hippo, Aug 21 2007

       Homeopathy is complicated. The premise flies in the face of physical chemistry. However, there have been carefully put together , blinded, randomized clinical trials which show that homeopathy is more than placebo. I have linked up a meta-analysis of the childhood diarrhea studies, which is an area where homeopathic treatment seems to do something.   

       I cannot explain these studies. It does not seem to me that homeopathy should work. The power of the randomized clinical trial is that it is a window on truth which, if done right, is indepedent of preconceptions or models that might exist about how the world works.
bungston, Aug 21 2007

       "However, there have been carefully put together , blinded, randomized clinical trials which show that homeopathy is more than placebo."   

       ... right next to the carefully put together, blinded, randomized clinical trials which show that it isn't.   

       We pretty much have all permutations - peer-reviewed medical articles about studies that showed homeopathy to work, peer-reviewed articles about studies that showed homeopathy not to work, meta-studies over multiple of these studies that showed homeopathy to work, and meta-studies that showed homeopathy to not work. There's a tendency for homeopathy to work better, the worse the study is, but of course I would tend to dwell on that kind of thing.
jutta, Aug 21 2007

       Having undergone homeopathic treatment for a number of years I can attest to its effectiveness. While it seems magical and without logical scientific explanation, the effects of taking minute concentrations of various substances are direct and powerful.   

       I have done several rounds of detoxification for various substances including one for pesticides that caused my lymph glands to swell significantly and my hands to smell like chemicals for weeks as the substances trapped in my body were released through my skin. This resulted in the complete elimination of chronic sinus infections and vastly improved memory.   

       The mind plays a critical role in one's health, and 'disbelieving' any treatment will more than likely render it ineffective.
nuclear hobo, Aug 21 2007

       it's water that is magic - I wish I knew all the answers but water is the key...
po, Aug 21 2007

       [po] - see the [link].
nuclear hobo, Aug 21 2007

       Well, I'm glad we're not excluding anyone for being a blatant, outrageous quack.
jutta, Aug 21 2007

po, Aug 21 2007

       [nuclear_hobo] - as you said, "The mind plays a critical role in one's health, and 'disbelieving' any treatment will more than likely render it ineffective." - exactly right: Placebos are *very* effective medicines, when used correctly.
hippo, Aug 22 2007

       There is a great deal about human physiology that is not known, arguably much more than what is known. Western medicene treats symptoms rather than causes, and preventive care is for all practical purposes non-existent.   

       Western medicene is finally beginning to recognize the potential benefits of holistic treatment (where the physical, mental, and spiritual are interdependent) because of its effectiveness and the economic threat it presents to conventional care.
nuclear hobo, Aug 22 2007

       ^ well said, [nuclear] +
xandram, Aug 22 2007

       //The mind plays a critical role in one's health, and 'disbelieving' any treatment will more than likely render it ineffective.//   

       Which is why it is frightening to see so many homeopaths badmouthing modern medicine. Folks are going to scare themselves to death while receiving the best of care.   

       What [boysparks] said, but with this twist. How can we prove that this idea is not already standard practice? Homeopathic remedies may well be poured out of one big jug--they are labeled as to what they "contain", but nothing says what else they may include.   

       Of course, this may be happening accidentally. Preparation of homeopathic remedies involves a LOT of pouring, diluting and banging about. If one drop, or even a few airborne molecules, of one solution gets into another, it will be increased in power by the processing, and may well take over the remedy.
baconbrain, Aug 22 2007

       Nuclear hobo, do this: inhale and exhale 20 times. You've just inhaled and exhaled on rough average about 20 molecules of Caesar's last breath. According to homeopathic standards, you are therefore cured of ever wanting to rule Rome.   

       Holistic medicine has nothing to do with homeopathy.
RayfordSteele, Aug 22 2007

       //Which is why it is frightening to see so many homeopaths badmouthing modern medicine.//   

       And vice versa. Just like western medicene, homeopathy has its share of quacks and truly skilled practioners.
nuclear hobo, Aug 22 2007


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