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Stop Typing

"So is aid to MAbel, I sez......."
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A computer program that monitors your natural keyboard habits, such as use of the delete and shift keys, and notifies you if it believes you are to tired or wasted to continue typing. It can be easily disengaged if you're just trying to revise a paper, or scribe an letter to your sweetie, and cannot find the right words.

For example, I have hit delete over fifteen times just to type this sentence. At this point Stop Typing would open up a small blue window, possibly with a kitten or something else saccharine sweet in the corner, and tell me to go to bed for my own sake. However, I shall click the "Ignore Me" option and stumble on my merry way through the internet.

notmarkflynn, Apr 15 2006

Mouse odometer http://www.modometer.com/
"Mouse Odometer is a mouse tracking program. It tells you how far your mouse goes, how many keys you've pressed, and how many mouse clicks you've had for every application you use." [Klaatu, Apr 15 2006]


       I had a program similar to the link. You could have it notify you to rest after "X" amount of clicks or miles your mouse had traveled. Sounds baked.
Klaatu, Apr 15 2006

       <nemesis>Yet another terrible idea from notmarkflynn (may his bones be ground into a paste and fed into numerous black holes). This idea would constantly annoy people, and wouldn't be useful. They should know when they're tired without having to be told.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Apr 15 2006

       Dear [notmarkflynn],   

       We were proud to have offered you a nemesis from our adopt-a-nemesis program. Now we want to know how you feel it is doing. Are you satisfied with your current nemesis? Do you feel that your current nemesis is fulfilling all of your nemesi needs? Any feedback you may have will be greatly appreciated and remember, be honest, this is for posterity.   

       Sincerely, President of Nemesis-R-Us   

NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 15 2006

       On the idea- I don't think it would be very effective as most people, like you just said, would just click the ignore button. I often type not looking at the screen and if a little window popped up and stopped my typing without me knowing it and I was that tired/drunk, I would probably just start crying like a little schoolgirl.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 15 2006

       Taking away the benevolence of this idea makes it interesting: "Give Up Now: You Can't Type".
Jinbish, Apr 15 2006

       To: Nemesis-R-Us   

       I am fully satisfied with the nemesis you provided. He threatens me in the most interesting ways, often using space travel as a means of engineering my untimely demise. Also, I have been having a great time turning all his allies against him and slowly giving him arsenic poisoning.   

       Love, Not Mark Flynn
notmarkflynn, Apr 16 2006

       Dear Not Mark Flynn,   

       We are happy that you are happy about your new nemesis, but if you continue to feed him arsenic your warranty will be void.   

       Sincerely, President of Nemesis-R-Us   

NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 16 2006

       Dear Bob,   

       With great interest I noticed Mr. Not Mark Flynn's nemesis feedback posting of earlier today. I congratulate you and your team on a job well done.   

       I am, however, deeply disturbed that my 2 croissant commission as recruiting agent is still outstanding. I am sure that, in the heat of the moment, you have overlooked this detail but, I assure you, it is not trivial to me.
Even a cursory analysis of the records will show that my actions were instrumental in getting your [dbmag9] recruited and I am only asking for what is a reasonable commission given the risks.

       I look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely,
[methinksnot] esq.
methinksnot, Apr 18 2006


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