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Reversible His/Her Jacket  

You have it now but s/he'll need it later
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Instead of a jacket that is a unisex design that looks good on no one. It reverses to be a style/color almost completely different than the one previous. Complete with 2 mid section draw strings to conform to curves or hang loose.

You're not wearing his/her jacket, you are wearing your own.

sartep, Jul 13 2003

http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/ [po, Oct 04 2004]


       Great...now my fiancee has one *more* reason to "borrow" my jacket. (-;   

       Seriously, great idea. I'd buy two.
flicken, Jul 13 2003

       "Is that lipstick on your collar"?

"Yes, it's probably from when you wore the coat last week dear." "Whew" <wipes forehead>

       Handy for cross-dressers too.
silverstormer, Jul 13 2003

       jackjay, the link button is for URL's you wish to link to.   

       to leave a comment, click on the annotate button.   

       it seems to make sense, no?
po, Jul 13 2003

       "Bob, why is the lining on that jacket pink?"
Cedar Park, Jul 13 2003

       if it is a reversible jacket, there is no lining. whats wrong with pink? in England pink is RED.
po, Jul 13 2003

       [po] I think you must have accidently picked up the "gay" union jack.
silverstormer, Jul 13 2003

       silver, the b'stards that chase foxes wear red jackets but they call it pink. will try for a link for you but I am rather tried and devotional.
po, Jul 13 2003

       <Paul Reverse> "The Pink-Coats are coming!" </Paul Reverse>
FarmerJohn, Jul 13 2003

       Heh, //the b'stards that chase foxes wear red jackets but they call it pink// Can you blame 'em? If they are stupid enough to chase innocent pointy eared beasties, can you really blame them for not understanding the differance between Red and Pink?
silverstormer, Jul 13 2003

       Color is a small part of it and really to make it look different then on the inside. It also conforms to different body shapes and thus has different placed pockets.
sartep, Jul 13 2003

       its easy for a gay guy to turn into his chick side fast after leaveing a girl easy prostitution   

       hahahahahaha cassi 17, arizona
sk8gurl, Dec 22 2003

benjamin, Dec 22 2003

       I only put up the ideas, I take no responsibility for the annotes.
sartep, Dec 22 2003


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