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Sleep In Your Slicker

Carry your bed with you wherever you go.
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Psycology class. A long road trip. A business meeting. A seminar. A stupid foreign movie your girlfriend dragged you to.


Until now, the terminally bored were forced to make do with the crook of their elbow, a rolled-up jacket, a handy wall behind their head, their seat belt, or the headrest of their car seat, which certainly doesn't lend itself to deep sleep. Armrests dig into their ribs, and they developed nasty backaches from slouching in seats made for sitting up straight.

There is an answer: The Sleeper Coat. It's padded in all the right places: The small of the back, the ribs, the arms, the collar, around the crown of the head (if you've got the hooded version, anyway), and the portion of the coat that you sit on. There are pockets in all of these places if you want to add additional padding.

The deluxe version still has the pockets for the option of added padding (which can be purchased specially from the company--why pass up a moneymaker?) but the built-in padding consists of inflatable chambers which are inflated with a small hand pump. There is a special pocket provided. The DEEEE-LUX version has a pump that runs on a wall socket's electricity, a battery, or manual hand pumping. Plus some extra styling and pockets are added.

For work and school, there's the Stealth Model, which also comes in a jacket. While less comfortable, it's also less suspicious.

Goodnight. Yes, I know it's nine in the morning--why do you think I'm going to sleep?

Eugene, Oct 05 2003

(?) Ana Rewakovicz's sleeping bag dress http://www.plein-su...xpos2005/rewak.html
partially baked, actually this is just one of her creations, this was sent to me by someone who's helping me develop the idea. [jcomeau_ictx, Apr 22 2005]


       is it straight?
po, Oct 05 2003

       perhaps the Stealth Mode could include a wakeup device which prods you whenever your name is used in conversation:

Teacher: [neilp] are you wearing one of those Sleep Coats ?, [neilp] ?, [neilp] ?
Sleepcoat wakes up [neilp]
[neilp] :me, God no.
neilp, Oct 05 2003

       //A stupid foreign movie your girlfriend dragged you to//   

       See, this is where the problem for international +not-hollywood films begins: prejudice. But wait, now that I think about it... to me, american movies are foreign movies. So nevermind Eugene, you were right. Stupid foreign movies.   

       //wakeup device which prods you whenever your name is used in conversation//   

       Too bad for those students named George, attending history class. I'm sure they wouldn't get much sleep.
Pericles, Oct 05 2003

       ... oh, and I forgot to mention: I love this idea. I would get one if they were available. Comfortable enough to sleep in a coffee shop for free without getting caught while backpacking europe (or Australia) on a low budget.
Pericles, Oct 05 2003

       Don't get me wrong [Pericles], I've seen a lot of non-mainstream films that I've loved (actually, most of the mainstream stuff is shit, too...you have to shift through the shit to get to the gold, as it were). But the typical foreign movie I've seen was a long, boring drama set sometime in the 18th century. When it's not boring, it's uncomfortable. Nobody is ever happy in these things, it would seem.   

       But here's two I liked: one that was a continuation of The Three Musketeers and another about how the machinations of fate conspire to bring to people together to fall in love, as best I can remember the jacket description. It had the chick from "Amelie" in it, I think. Then, of course, there's independent film--Quentin Tarentino's and Kevin Smith's respective works come to mind as examples.   

       As to avoiding detection, [neilp], I find that waking up every five or ten minutes helps. But if you find yourself without the ability, maybe a device built into the coat that delivers a small electric shock at a set interval (or at set intervals) is the answer. If you want to be prodded, that device already exists: a buddy sitting next to you.
Eugene, Oct 05 2003

       [po]: is it straight? Well....yes. Except where it's not.
Eugene, Oct 05 2003

       The deluxe version can be lined with inflatable air compartments and have a very small electric pump in the pocket driven by a fabric battery which recharges from ambient motion energy scavenging. Extend the line to include a heated version, too! Wow. I'm for it.
Amos, Oct 05 2003

       sorry, thinking jackets :)
po, Oct 05 2003

       Oh. Well, of course the jacket version would be in a straight cut. Not as straight as other jackets, but are you wearing this for fashion or comfort? A decision must be made.
Eugene, Oct 05 2003

       I don't see why not. But if you want to screw, why reverse it?
Eugene, Oct 05 2003

       I'd love one of these for those stupid seminars and journal clubs they make us go to at my work. A set of robotic arms that can scribble fake notes would be a nice touch.
madradish, Oct 05 2003

       Perhaps a fake third arm that hold a pencil, a la Johnny Depp in "Once Upon A Time In Mexico"?
Eugene, Oct 06 2003

       I once posted an idea very similar to this. Bed Clothes... it went like this:   

       Crashing at a friend's place after a party and all the beds and couches are taken? No sleeping spots left at the family reunion? No problem, bring along a set of Bed Clothes and sleep anywhere!   

       Bed Clothes are new kind of sleep pyjamas, with hat and socks, that are padded with our specially designed Mattrex™ steel coil - fiberfill combination cushioning material on the sleep surfaces. Sleep on your back? The Bed Clothes Backsleeper suit has Mattrex™ cushioning at the rear of the hat, the pj top's full back and rear arms, the posterior and down the rear of the pant legs, and the heels of the socks. A left-sider? Leftsleeper takes care of that for you with a special WrapFlap™ on that hat that lets you rest your head comfortably - right-siders too! And our Frontsleeper suit comes with a Left- or Rightsleeper Hat, you choose!   

       Bed Clothes are made of machine-washable insulated poly fleece to keep you warm without a blanket or other covering. Bed Clothes can be used on all floors, carpets, lawns, in parking lots... you really can sleep anywhere!   

       Available in several sizes and colors, in Back, Left, Right, Left-Right, Front, and now introducing our new 360Sleeper suit for you tossers and turners!
Got +11. There may be a market for this sort of thing.
waugsqueke, Oct 06 2003

       "You're kicking me out of the house? Thanks Mom!"
Eugene, Oct 07 2003

       perfect invention to ensure a good sleep on a flight to a cold destination. lovely.   

       could I have a summer sleep coat version for comfy flights to warm locations?
jonthegeologist, Oct 07 2003

       No, no, UB--not only is the Sleeper Coat line intended for stealth sleeping, but for sleeping comfortably in uncomfortable places. It provides all the padding you need (not necessarily a lot of it, but firm padding) in all the appropriate places and keeps it there (As opposed to those miserable airline pillows). So if you're exceptionally fat (I'm not making any assumptions here) then I suppose you could call it skin (pardon my excessive use of parentheses).
Eugene, Oct 07 2003

       [UB] The summer version would have all the padding but is made of a lighter material.
jonthegeologist, Oct 08 2003

       [Eugene], this idea is brilliant, but I fear looking stupid walking into a movie or the library in a bed shaped coat. Could this please have a self-inflating mechanism ala emergency rafts? That way I can inflate it when necessary and deflate to resume normal appearance... +
k_sra, Oct 08 2003

       Precisely, [jon]. Sorry I wasn't specific, UB.   

       [k_sra]--now that's an anno. I'm going to add it into the original idea, if you don't mind...it certainly solves the problem I couldn't initially figure out, that is, how to get the padding that's in the way--out of the way, quite apart from asthetics.
Eugene, Oct 08 2003

       I'm amazed and heartened to see other people with this same general idea -- I'm thinking of jacket, pants, and maybe a serape all with the same air pockets. Keep cooking this, I want to buy one (too lazy to do the grunt work myself)
jcomeau_ictx, Apr 11 2005


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