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roll of anoraks

waterproofs on a rolled up dispenser
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a roll of cheap plastic anoraks; as a dispenser for plastic gloves t some petrol stations or roll of binbags. perhaps a simple vending machine sey up , at bus stations or something
technobadger, Nov 19 2001


       Damn, man, I wish you'd just said rain coat.   

       I'm all for it. Something disposable would be useful for all sorts of nasty jobs. 'Course you could just make an engineers rain coat...
phoenix, Nov 20 2001

       'engineers rain coat', being a trashbag with holes? Kind of what I was thinking...
StarChaser, Nov 20 2001

       Being American, I had no idea what an anorak was until phoenix mentioned it. I envisioned a breed of yak used for war made into a delicious roll.

Now, knowing what an anorak is, I also picture what StarChaser sees. But I still like the whole yak thing.
AfroAssault, Nov 20 2001

       I agree with PeterSealy on the definition of 'anorak' being a hooded windproof coat padded with insulation. Therefore one needs to thin the coat down to fit in on a roll--Lo--Behold--Voila: the Anorexiak. *ducks and runs*
Dog Ed, Nov 20 2001

       in the Uk an anorak is some one like a trainspotter or such (geek?)
po, Nov 20 2001

       In the UK a parka is a type of anorak popularised by Mods in the 70's.
Guy Fox, Nov 20 2001

       In the U.S. no one uses the word 'Mods'.
phoenix, Nov 20 2001

       Good idea, technobadger. The sales potential in muddy, West country fields alone is enormous.
DrBob, Nov 20 2001

       In Boston, 'parka' is pronounced 'paahhh-kaahhh'. In Chicago, the common pronunciation of the word pretty much defies any attempt to spell it phonetically. Out here in the West -- as AA has demonstrated -- none of us really knows what an anorak or a parka is, or what the difference between the two might be, because we rarely have reason to wear those things.   

       I have a garment hanging in my closet that fits the description of the thing on the roll. For years, I called it an 'adirondack'. My apologies, especially to those Halfbakers who reside in the Northeastern portion of New York State; I'm from Los Angeles, and I'm a blonde.
1percent, Nov 20 2001

       "...it taint so..." (sic)
phoenix, Nov 20 2001

       and there was me thinking 1% had to be a bloke
po, Nov 20 2001

       First matters first: cheers, po! Every girl wants to hear that she writes like a guy. It's like a man complimenting our driving -- a rare and lovely moment.   

       BM: I'm so sorry. I'm not a brunette; I just write like one.   

       Would it help you to know that I've never worn any article of clothing that had fur on it? That I have never owned a small pet, let alone carried one around in my handbag and called it 'Pookie'? That I prefer single malt Scotch to Cosmopolitans? That I can quote Shakespeare from memory?   

       I could wear a black wig each time I log in, if that will help you. I doubt it will. You now know that I am an unfairly privileged, Saturday-morning-manicured, parallel-parking-challenged blonde.   

       Try to take comfort in the fact that I have always imagined *you* as a blonde, in these many months of our often fractious acquaintance ...
1percent, Nov 20 2001

       1% I know what you mean but think about it - very sad. I think you are a great driver, great writer, great thinker and you listen! men don't do listening do they?does it really matter your gender? - like your blouse by the way.
po, Nov 20 2001

       Easing away from the epiphanies of the moment, plastic parkas are doled out by the hundreds to cruise ship passengers as they briefly emerge from the on-board casinos and smorgasbords to view the current port and purchase baubles. It's not clear if the parkas are issued from a roll, but they are uniform, logoed, and functional.
hagfish, Nov 20 2001

       It's not like a roll of honour then?
angel, Nov 21 2001


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