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Really High End equipment
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RichBall is a two team ball game, similar to baseball or softball, but with a significant difference -- the standard equipment for the game is all made of the most advanced (and possibly most costly) space aged materials.

The bat and ball are made of carbon fiber, the bases are Kevlar bags, titanium is used where steel or aluminum would have sufficed for lesser games, etc.

Summer uniforms are made out of high tech wicking cloth, which lets sweat easily evaporate, while winter uniforms are insulated with some sort of aerogel.

goldbb, Aug 15 2010

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Fictional game whose sole purpose is to encourage consumption [cowtamer, Aug 15 2010]


       Disappointed. I thought everything would have to be made of solid gold.
DrWorm, Aug 15 2010

       Well, I was initially thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have a bouncable hollow ball made of carbon fiber... then I thought, well, it wouldn't be much good by itself, so one would need to use it in a game.   

       One obviously can't use such a ball in baseball, because baseball has some fairly precise rules about what kind of ball can be used.   

       Then I thought, what about a baseball-like game where the rules were changed to *require* such a ball. But then, if you're going to require such a c.f. ball, then you might as well use c.f. bats, too.   

       Followed by the thought, "this could start getting expensive, so you might as well make everything expensive!" :)
goldbb, Aug 15 2010

       Already half-baked by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World (see link)
cowtamer, Aug 15 2010

       It's called "Buying a Boat".
8th of 7, Aug 15 2010


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