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SchmelzAway! (c) Dissolvable Christmas Decoration

Disintegrates three to four weeks after the Christmas holidays. No need to put yourself into danger while taking down Christmas lights!
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Tired of taking down all those hundreds or thousands of Christmas lights that had originally turned your shabby suburbian condo into Santa's seasonal neighborhood spectacle? We have the solution: Dissolvable Christmas Decoration by ADS Inc.

Pollution-free and in accordance with international water quality standards, our easy-to-use product provides a comfortable alternative to the dangerous practices of manually deinstalling high-voltage decorations. Our Dissolvable Christmas Decoration automatically starts to liquify by mid-January and leaves nothing but the shining memory of harmonious and pain-free Christmas holidays. Order today and you get a $30 mail-in rebate for ADS Inc.'s popular Duck Squeezer. (For further information, please see Food: Meat Juice)

tobi, Jan 06 2004


       this duck squeezer is in danger of getting up people's noses, you know!   

       I just said that cos I liked the thought of a duck squeezer getting up people's noses..
po, Jan 06 2004

       "CRASH !"...falls off rocking horse ...
skinflaps, Jan 06 2004

       What [po] said - take the reference to Duck Squeezing off the title please.
PeterSilly, Jan 06 2004

       [skinflaps] funny. Hee hee!
k_sra, Jan 06 2004

       [tobi] dont listen to these guys. I liked it! +
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 06 2004

       Twelfth Night tomorrow. This idea would be late!
gnomethang, Jan 06 2004


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