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Ring My Bell

Team sport emphasizing reach
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Two teams of players compete in this sport. Idea is very, very simple. Players are fitted with modified football helmets. Atop each helmet is a push-button which when pushed will light up LED's embedded in the helmet and play a bell sound. A player whose button is pushed (and whose bell is rung) is "out" and must sit down. Each team tries to push the buttons on their opponents while not having their own bell rung in return. Play continues until one team is eliminated.

They could play the Donna Summer song of the same name while the game is underway.

tosspot62, Oct 07 2006


       can you beat senseless/beak the fingers of your opposition to prevent them ringing your bell?   

       that's about the only way I'd find this sport interesting.   

Custardguts, Oct 09 2006

       I'm waiting for the coed naked version...
DrCurry, Oct 09 2006

       [DrCurry] // I'm waiting for the coed naked version...// In your version you could get real creative with the location of the buttons.
MoreCowbell, Oct 09 2006


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