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Roach Motel Bonsai Tree House

catch roaches, but with finesse
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We all know the famous strap line for Roach Motels traps:
"Roaches Check In But They Don't Check Out". (see link)

This is all well and good, but you seldom see them actually checking in. Roach Motel Bonsai Tree House solves this problem.

As the name suggests, it's a Roach Motel that comes positioned in the midst of the branches of a Bonsai Tree. A little ladder facilitates the ascent of the hapless creatures into their new residence, and final resting place.

Inevitable delux version features a battery driven fake neon sign.

xenzag, Oct 10 2010

Roach Motel http://affordableho...ach-motel-small.jpg
Roaches Check In But They Don't Check Out [xenzag, Oct 10 2010]


       Can we have a grand lobby with a transparent ceiling and a roach at a little desk?
Voice, Oct 10 2010

       cruelty [+]
Voice, Oct 10 2010

       For the life of me, I cannot figure out what--if any-- difference the bonsai tree makes to the roaches...or me. We see them climbing the tree? Is that it? And, I really didn't know that we *wanted* to see them at all, except dead.   

       Still, all in all, how could one withhold a bun from such a guileless-sounding idea to kill the little bastards? [+]
Boomershine, Oct 10 2010

       There should be live music in the ballroom ... maybe The Beetles ?
8th of 7, Oct 10 2010

       Maybe the Wiggles would be better, [8/7]. They were once a band called "The Cockroaches"
infidel, Oct 10 2010

       //Inevitable delux version features a battery driven fake neon sign.//   

       Uh oh, design flaw; roaches are not attracted to light. Scared off by it, in my experience.
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       I'm sure that the dim glow of a fake flickering neon will be no deterrent, when measured against the seducing aromas wafting from the interior confines of the little motel in the trees.
xenzag, Oct 11 2010

       // the seducing aromas wafting from the interior confines of the little motel //   

       Ooh, I missed that bit. Sounds nice.
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       Have you checked on how many legs you have recently?
xenzag, Oct 11 2010

       I keep an eye on such things, yes. But, "seducing aromas wafting...." might attract a lot more than roaches.
Boomershine, Oct 11 2010

       Exactly how does the bonsai come into this?
infidel, Oct 11 2010


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