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Road Kill Book Marks

nice thin bookmarks
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Not real ones of course... just laminated versions of things that have been flattened out. They don't have to be animals either. The artist Cornelia Parker made an excellent piece of work out of a set of musical instruments that had been run over by a steam roller. See link.
xenzag, Mar 18 2009

Breathless http://www.cambridg...mages/P2262143e.jpg
Cornelia Parker [xenzag, Mar 18 2009]

ahem. http://www.flickr.c...os/jutta/202397487/
[jutta, Mar 18 2009]

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book http://www.amazon.c...Book/dp/1857933362#
This could use a Road Kill Book Mark. [Amos Kito, Mar 19 2009]

Scratch and Sniff card http://fadingad.wor...cratch-sniff-cards/
from the John Waters masterpiece "Polyester" (I actually have one of these cards and it still works) [xenzag, Mar 19 2009]

Plastination https://en.wikipedi...g/wiki/Plastination
Regrettably, it is not yet possible to offer live specimens for plastination (except Joan Collins) [8th of 7, Apr 29 2016]

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       i like this. a nice flattened armadillo from Oklahoma, perhaps...[+]
k_sra, Mar 18 2009

       The tools to create an idea does not necessitate the idea, 21. Sorry...
daseva, Mar 18 2009

       My point, 21, is that you can make just about anything with the pieces of earth all scattered about. It's a difference of degree between the earth and the helpful internet page, and so, in my opinion, it's irrelevant what you bring up, because it, or some variant, could be stated towards any idea. So, just ditch the whole site then? Me thinks not.   

       The idea exists more for it's original artistic value than any sort of functional novelty. Art flies here with flying colors, usually.
daseva, Mar 18 2009

       I can take a picture of midget doing yoga on a bed of bananas in front of a new york sunrise whenever I want, but I haven't done it yet. I'm glad I'm making myself clear.   

       Bakable art, where's your head at? Bakable art, poor poor bakable art getting scolded for being possible. Some nearsightednessness I think, but It's fine that's part of being here, so go ahead, Questions, if that's your real name, only do art that can't be done!
daseva, Mar 18 2009

       Is that a suggestion? I doubt you're ready to get demanding.
daseva, Mar 18 2009

       No, this isn't baked. (Not on an industrial scale, anyway.) The existence of generic photo bookmarks doesn't take away from this idea, no more than the existence of generic photo reproduction technologies obviates painting as an art.
jutta, Mar 18 2009

       Even without the photo service, people can draw and use scissors! How is a roadkill bookmark different from a bookmark that has a drawing of roadkill on laminated plastic?   

       Well, it' isn't. It's on a different level. The roadkill is content; the technology, be it handmade or photographic, is not. Xenzag has invented content; you're arguing that the technology to realize it exists. That's not the issue.   

       (This is the same point daseva was trying to make above.)
jutta, Mar 18 2009

       It's not an idea for a service. It's an idea for a kind of bookmark.
jutta, Mar 18 2009

       I really like this one, it's cute without being cloying, clever without being too gimmicy and it's original and fun - all subjective qualities granted, but for me it really works!   

       [21Q] Yes, you can create your own bookmark with a particular photo on it, but I could imagine a line of roadkill bookmarks making a viable business proposition. In addition the idea works as a sort of joke-made-real - the bookmark is something that is inherently flat, so is roadkill and that play-on-connectedness has a kind of surprising ability to delight - it's that generation of delight that makes this more than just another "make a bookmark that looks like x" which again, is kind of a subjective thing - and you either get it, or you don't - but this is one of [xenzag]'s ones that I get.
zen_tom, Mar 18 2009

       To expand on zen_tom's explanation, there's traditionally a connection between bookmarks and pressed things - typically, pressed flowers or leaves. There are lots of bookmarks that have pressed flowers glued onto them. Roadkill is another pressed thing, but more redneck/edgy/macho. The contrast between that and the high-culture activity of reading is what makes this joke work for me.   

       So, one way of doing this well is to make it look as if real road kill was, or was used to make, the bookmark. Another way is to artistically evoke road kill - have a wood or linoleum cut of the roadkill animal, say. See link.
jutta, Mar 18 2009

       I'm liking the depth of discussion as to the idea's novelty. Last time I checked, it's extremely difficult to reason through humor, or delight, and yet here it feels easy; or smart folks have made it so.
daseva, Mar 19 2009

       [+] an excellent way of ensuring privacy while engrossed in a book on the train.
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       [+] that too.
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       I'll have a roadkill scorpion please.   

       I never really had a hankering to get a tattoo, but if I ever did I figure it'd be a squished scorpion on the sole of one of my feet.   


       as you were.   

       ...so no one has mentioned the *scratch and smell* roadkill bookmark yet...
xandram, Mar 19 2009

       To continue on the theme of pressed things.   

       How about a miniature pair of badly-creased trousers? By the end of the book, they would emerge perfectly pressed.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 19 2009

       [xandram] see scratch and sniff link
xenzag, Mar 19 2009

       Ricshaw, would that happen via some sort of chemical reaction in the paper, dissolving the image of the wrinkled pants, slowly exposing the pressed ones?
daseva, Mar 19 2009

       Ooo, ooo I know! Is it too late?   

       The use of the pants bookmark and the pressing between pages of book would press it!   

       Thinking logistics: it is hard to smash a bulgy thing really and truly flat. But slicing: you can get stuff thin. Maybe microtome sliced dead animals could be used as bookmarks. First they would be soaked in resin or wax, as live things to be sliced are. The very thin slice would be laminated to prevent stink, and also because it might fall apart. These would be cool!   

       But: not as macho as a multiply runover roadkill animal baked to a crisp on a desert road.
bungston, Apr 28 2016


8th of 7, Apr 29 2016


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