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Roam sofa

The total-comfort wheelchair which traverses any obstacle!
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The wheelchair has been somewhat left behind by the pace of modern technology. Attached batteries for 3mph pension runs is the peak of their development. I propose a cushioned, manoeuverable, high-performance chair capable of more than any car. Caterpillar tracks on large deformable wheels would make the chair more a personal minitank than the barren and perfunctory skeleton used by the world's paralysed today. Watch the able-bodied leave their cars (and yes, their legs) in droves. Stairs? No problem. Wheels big enough. Top speed? Around 50-60mph. It starts to rain? Goddam, the thing has a clear hood! Indoor, outdoor, off-road. And all from the comfort of your easy chair!
Nadir, Mar 02 2001

Dave Kamen's iBot http://www.msnbc.com/news/285231.asp
We're all still ginger'ed out and familiar with the stair-climbing chair, I take it, but just in case... [jutta, Mar 02 2001]

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       Yes they exist already, and their name is 'Robin Reliant'. Power to the locomotively impaired!!!
stickyman, Mar 02 2001

       Still seems like too much effort to me. Now, a bed with caterpillar tracks would be a much bigger seller...
DrBob, Mar 02 2001

       Good Lord, the swine! Still, his can't go at 60mph, and the deformable caterpillar tracks are the best bit anyway <grumble, mutter>
Nadir, Mar 02 2001


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