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Segway Shoes

Segway motion technology built into walking shoes.
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You've seen kids roller shoes that have built-in wheels that allow you to roll like roller skates. Why not Segway technology to enable powered motion dependent on orientation of the wearer. This would be handy in a warehouse or large buildings like the Pentagon. However the power source and electronics would probably need to reside in an external pack. Unless outrageously large platform shoes make a comeback. It could open up new niche sports, Olympic events or new forms of expressive dance - especially when 2 dimensional Segway Technology appears (on a ball instead of a wheel)

Pardon my YASD (Yet Another Segway Device).

CecilL, Sep 26 2005


       In 2018, Segway Drift W1 "e-skates" are close. You step on and off them though, rather than being able to wear them and have them stay attached while you step over things.
caspian, Nov 06 2018

       Holy crap 13 years without an anno.   

       I've recently been trying to think of a good way to put wheels on my feet to get around more rapidly. I don't know if this is one, but it's interesting.
notexactly, Nov 07 2018


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