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Rob Ford as cure for drugs industry

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Whilst reading Rob Ford's statement "I have used all drugs" I wondered if that might be extended to "...all of the drugs". In this way, they would be more difficult to find, or at least putting the prices beyond reach.

Option 1 would be regiments of Rob Ford clones hoovering up the world's drug resources.

My preferred option is Option 2, this is an enormous mecha, in the shape of him, that traverses the world with huge steps doing the hoovering up. Watch as the entire Afghan opium crop goes in one snort...and so on.

Of course for option 2 some kind of kill switch is needed if a software bug changes the target to bacon or cheese, which could prove disastrous.

not_morrison_rm, Jul 02 2014


       See? Now, as rapt as this idea is, at least it has a category.   

       But I'm still trying to grow some poppies, so please, not ALL of them.
normzone, Jul 03 2014

       Well not such a crazy idea that his actions will frame the decision in the context of drug control, the issue that has been a conservative construction and a core policy of conservative regimes, that is not overtly discussed in the campaign as an urban issue compared to examples in other American cities. This is a conservative inducement of their own policy question on the masses, framing the election within a mass obligation to regulate conservatively. As municipal elections are statutorily nonpartisan, the elected individual's actions may not negatively affect voter perception of the broader organized ideology. However, if a broader organized ideology was responsible for electing him to power, and undoubtedly some amount of organized conservative ideologues were responsible, then the electoral decision should not be framed as a mass responsibility to regulate conservatively, but significant doubt in the conservative ideological base that this turd bobbed to the top in. Voters should be repulsed from that entire conservative leviathan that has hoisted this spectacle in front of the jeering courtyard masses, and fear the next abomination it intends to rise.
rcarty, Jul 03 2014

       I read the title as a proposal to siphon money out the car industry to combat drugs.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2014


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