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Treasure Finding Robot

Trolls beaches for treasure
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Walking up and down the beaches with a metal detector can net you some cool loot, but it’s also extremely tedious – the perfect job for a robot!

Meet Looty, the loot findin’ robot: 4 feet long and wide and 2 feet tall. Two rubber tank tracks powered by electric motors. At the front is an array of top-of-the-line metal detectors linked to a computer. When the robot drives over something interesting, it stops, digs up all of the sand 2 feet below it and runs it through a strainer. It then takes whatever is left and deposits it into a locked hopper. The top is covered in solar panels to extend the batteries onboard.

Water proofing and object (read people) avoidance are key in a beach environment.

Add a GPS receiver to it and you can program it to drive down the beach 1000 yards and drive back to where you’re leisurely soaking up rays and sipping a Corona.

thejini, Jun 14 2004

Not a robot, but covers 27,000 square Metres per hour http://www.angus.co...goode/goo300hd.html
[Klaatu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Use your sick imagination here http://www.cs.ucsd....al/share/robbie.gif
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       You may want to include beach towel avoidance. Or not.
Worldgineer, Jun 14 2004

       Not a Speedo. An eye patch and a parrot.
phoenix, Jun 14 2004

       A Speedo? Is that like a pant?
simonj, Jun 14 2004

       (Imagining Lost in Space's Robbie The Robot walking along a beach in pair of speedos)
spacemoggy, Jun 14 2004


       psst, [Blissmiss] - I think [simonj] was questioning your use of the singular 'speedo'.
spacemoggy, Jun 14 2004

       I think [blissmiss] is right... I think it should be singular... and usually avoided.
zigness, Jun 14 2004

       I would add something to avoid picking up clams (unless you want clams).
notexactly, Apr 22 2018


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