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autodrive vehicles seeing around corners with quantum linked photons

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Quantum linked high energy photons sense near road conditions without illumination as well as an absence of maps.

Ive written a couple ideas here about using quantum linked photons to accomplish things. These generally refer to the image of a figurine at New scientist where the figurine is imaged completely with quantum linked photons rather than reflected photons or the presence of a detecter opposite an emitter. (link) Making this a part of vehicles would permit them to know the terrain ahead independent of line of sight mapping, thus evade potholes or things around corners which would have gone undetected.

As such it could make robotic driven vehicles superior to human driven vehicles as the 3d data is actually richer than visual data.

Noting Dr Shihs work at newscientist (link) just changing the imaging photons to radiographic photons you can see terrain density ahead of you, even without line of sight illumination as the radiographic photons can travel a few feet through dirt, thus without line of site on a pothole, you detect the nonabsorption of the radiographic photon at the pothole then the computer knows which way to move the vehicle. Similarly it is possible to radiographically across corners.

This would definitely make a nice supersense at a humaniform robot as well, as it could detect topologies better than humans could see without MEMSish systems sending data.

Among the numerous things I do not know about quantum linked systems are, if you have an absolutely unique isotope, can you quantum effect things sufficiently to detect the unique spectra at a farther distance as there is vastly less uncertainty because the spectral line is completely unique. Its noiseless. like is a photon from an isotopically unique LED mathematically detectable at greater distances as there is only one thing that could have produced it. If so, then isotopically unique lasers could provide much farther distance quantum imaging

Other uses of this technology are mineral prospecting, as well as delivering precise radiation to tumors.

beanangel, Mar 13 2012

New scientist article with quantum linked image of figurine http://www.newscien...com/article/dn13825
[beanangel, Mar 13 2012]

Many links at using quantum linked photons to find minerals, making minerals cheaper, creating greater prosperity Giving_20cheaper_20..._20linked_20imaging
[beanangel, Mar 13 2012]

USAF quantum linked photon sensing application http://www.af.mil/n...ry.asp?id=123100828
the article says Dr. Deacon said he believes ghost-imaging may enable a satellite to be equipped with a detector and that would be coupled with a second camera that would take images of the sun. That combination of technologies could generate ghost images of the Earth's surface, even if there are obstructing atmospheric conditions. [beanangel, Mar 14 2012]

radiographic photons go through dirt http://www.scienced...ii/0305440392900466
Features such as the nature of stratigraphic boundaries and their precise locations, signs of disturbance, mixing and redeposition and variations in sediment density may be highlighted. Apparently homogenous deposits may be shown to contain stratigraphic and structural information. [beanangel, Mar 14 2012]

European space agency quantum linked space communications material http://www.quantum..../SPACE_QUEST_01.pdf
[beanangel, Mar 14 2012]

16 kilometer open space single photon communication http://www.physorg.com/news193551675.html
it doesn't say these are entangled, yet the one photon system is a similar system [beanangel, Mar 14 2012]


       Yet undaunted doth the doubty knight weigh his lance, and taketh he afield once more, feared not to match his mettle 'gainst the fiery breath of physics...   

       // the 3d data is actually richer than visual data //   

       No, it isn't.   

       // radiographic photons can travel a few feet through dirt //   

       No, they can't.   

       // humaniform //   

       Sp.: anthropomorphic. Stop making up words.   

       // Among the numerous things I do not know about quantum linked systems are //   

       Virtually everything, it would seem. Did you even read the article?   

       // Its noiseless. // (sic)   

       Most... no, wait, ALL photons are. Your point?   

       // delivering precise radiation to tumors //   

       Baked in numerous forms and for several decades. You should get out more.   

       I advise you to leave science fiction to writers like [The Alterother]. If you want to try your hand at it, that's fine, but present it as such. I'll even give you a few pointers: work on your punctuation, grammar, concept development, narrative cohesion, and contextual delivery, _then_ try using words like 'quantum'.
Alterother, Mar 13 2012

       You missed one, Alterother...

//evade potholes//

sp: avoid potholes. Although I'm mightily attracted by the idea of autonomous potholes that tirelessly pursue your car in an attempt to throw themselves under your wheels.
DrBob, Mar 13 2012

       this is figuratively incredible. making my car drive itself, better, seems like a sad first application for such a capable technology.
WcW, Mar 13 2012

       I'm missing something about the quantim linked photon application so linked. In order for it to work, you need two detectors, one in the usual place, and another one that's already *around the corner*. Practically, this might be tricky when driving through parts of, France for example, where you've not already had time to go visit prior to your trip and carefully arrange a bunch of detectors around each of the corners around which you intend to turn.   

       So while it is nifty to be able to generate an image based on photons that have never seen, bounced off or otherwise directly interacted with the object that you intend to observe, the excitement is rather deflated when looking at applications since you need to set up a detector next to the same object in the first place. If the object is something you already have access to, and if your primary motive is to observe the object, then most times, it's going to be easier just to detect the photons first-hand, in the traditional manner, than it's going to be to shell out on twice the detecting kit, in order to form a patchy image based on indirect photon detection.
zen_tom, Mar 13 2012

       //humaniform// [stet].   

       One point to [beany]. Most of the others to [Alterother], though.
pertinax, Mar 13 2012

       I can't help but admire your persistence and redoubtability.
nineteenthly, Mar 13 2012

       redoubtable (adj): able to be doubted multiple times.
pocmloc, Mar 13 2012

       //I'm mightily attracted by the idea of autonomous potholes//   

       Autonomous, *flocking* potholes.
ldischler, Mar 13 2012


       I went and looked it up, and you're right. It's somebody else's made-up word. Point ceded.
Alterother, Mar 13 2012

       //"flocking" potholes// Most of them do tend to prefer certain roads. Of course with evil flocking roadcones, vehicles can be directed into the ones incapable of easy movement.
FlyingToaster, Mar 13 2012

       //Autonomous, *flocking* potholes//

Nah! I see Autonomous Potholes as the ambush predators of the highway world, often solitary, sometimes hunting in packs whereas Flocking Road Cones are the gentle natured herbivores.
DrBob, Mar 13 2012

       Everyone who thinks they're joking about roving gangs of potholes should come up to my neck of the woods. Dips and frost heaves can move twenty or thirty feet overnight. As soon as the orange 'bump' tag goes up, that rim-killer it's warning you about finds a new piece of real estate.   

       Maybe we could bake up some kind of bump tracking system.
Alterother, Mar 13 2012

       I am pretty sure the huge gigantic important part that [zen_tom] brings up is that the detectors gets to skip being n line with the emitter. The detector can be before or aside from the object.   

       There is now a new link to an Air Force sees through clouds application where the detector is far from the absorbed photons. It actually uses quantum linked solar photons to see the earths surface when the detector is physically Before the object   

       thats why it could see around corners. If you like you could say I am being derivative as all I am doing here is applying the satellite imaging technology to vehicles, as well as suggesting radiographic photons, when I say radiograph I mean high energy photons like those at the link   

       so the air force n the radiologist both suggest it works
beanangel, Mar 14 2012

       It's not a USAF 'application', it's a DoD-backed 'study' investigating the same voodoo and being conducted by the same witch doctor as introduced in the first article you linked to, one which you've already demonstrated that you don't understand. It's even illustrated with the same stock photo of a blurry humanoid figure that, if any of this is to be believed, is a toy soldier imaged at a range of _45 centimeters_. The claims of satellite imaging capability are nothing more than high hopes on the part of this Dr. Shih.   

       Furthermore, the USAF and many other agencies around the world already have very effective airborne and orbital cloud-penetrating technology in use today.   

       If any of this is to be adapted to autonomous devices, i.e. allowing robots of any kind to 'see' around corners, you're putting the cart miles in front of the horse--one of the most difficult hurdles in robotics today (and one that we are just beginning to overcome) is the development of effective image interpretation software. Before we go building robotic cars or airplanes or mineral detectors or what have you that can see obscured objects, we need to perfect robotic whatevers that can see what's right in front of them.   

       Meanwhile, stop and think about this: I'm not even one of the science gurus here. If I can shoot you down this easily, maybe it's time to move on to a different subject.
Alterother, Mar 14 2012

       That is so awowymous   

       most of this annotation does not have to do with the idea. mildly supporting the notion of quantum linked technologies at space is the ESA brochure at the link that notes quantum linked photons on earth have over 100 kilometer observability, nonentangled single photons with 16 km at open space are published.   

       so from the perspective of a robot, the open space 16km quantum linked photons part suggests the really important thing is the radiographic photon distance.   

       note: This is an opportunity to model my new echelon attraction code awowymous.   

       I thought there should be A normal english appearing phrase that can be used during normal online communication that says, focused espionage or disinformation is being practiced here, material is likely to be of greater value than usual. It is an approach that the automated web reading computers of numerous nations or companies could use to find things others were trying to divert attention around.   

       Purple suede silver belt (psyops) or brownie eagle(assassinations) doesn't find much casual conversational usage. nor does Lulz Sec, so maybe it should be something like Awowymous. a person could say the word anonymous, yet suggest they were feeling lively so they could say "awowymous"
beanangel, Mar 14 2012

       Are you really that worried about attracting the attention of Echelon? Because you just did when you mentioned LS. I'd be highly surprised if you even know how Echelon works. Personally, I'm not overly concerned about it, because there is nothing about me that the NSA would have any interest in. If you think they're interested in you, add delusions of grandeur to your laundry list of mental and social defects. On the other hand, the less official attention HB attracts, the less likely it is that we'll be grossly misunderstood by some bureaucrat, so keep it down, huh?   

       Quantum teleportation is about high-speed data transfer. At the moment, the only correlation between that and the idea you've sort of presented here are the words 'quantum' and 'photon'. The ESA thing won't even load, so I have no idea what nonsense that entails.   

       If I keep annoing this post it's going to get very nasty, so I'm done here. I'll be happy to scrutinize your next creation, but until then, see ya, [beany].
Alterother, Mar 15 2012


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