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Self-Rocking Garbage Bin

Avoid overstuffing charges
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This is a garbage bin that periodically has a siezure, rocking back and forth repeatedly to compact the garbage inside it, thus helping saving you the hassle of jumping up and down on it to avoid the $3.14 charge the city slaps on you for the bin being overstuffed. Oddly enough, my city charges the same amount for the lid being slightly raised as they do for a full extra bag sitting on the curb next to the bin. Not really sure how they justify that... Hopefully, this will help avoid such unpleasantries.
21 Quest, Oct 15 2009

Dancing Can http://www.youtube....watch?v=rttBwGgBWzg
[knowtion, Oct 15 2009]


       ...or the stealth P2P bin that transfers extra rubbish to your neighbour's bin during the night?

       What is the proof of over-stuffing that the garbage operative retains in order to justify such an extra-judicial fine? Would it not be sensible to challenge such a fine in court to require them to prove over-stuffing of your particular bin on that particular day?
vincevincevince, Oct 15 2009

       Camera mounted on the side of the truck.
21 Quest, Oct 15 2009

       The garbage bin "rocking" could be triggered by and follow the beat of any loud car-stereo's driving by. (see link)
knowtion, Oct 15 2009

       Loud car stereos should trigger the bin to throw stuff at the source. Or quickly roll itself into the path of the offender.
21 Quest, Oct 16 2009

       If this bin's a-rockin', don't bother knockin'.

       I've never heard of that overstuffing fee before. Is that common?
tatterdemalion, Oct 16 2009

       do that here and they just won't bother picking it up.
FlyingToaster, Oct 16 2009

       Totally overengineered solution, when a simple plunger would do the same job. Auto-claving toilet bowl to follow instead of using a simple bowl-brush? [+]
xenzag, Oct 16 2009

       Is this seizure mechanism going to be a retrofit? You'll have to take it off before they arrive, or stage an aggrement with the city that this is ok to have on your bin.

       If the seizure mechanism is cheaper than an outfitted compactor mechanism, then I guess I'm all for it. I'd rather have a compactor bin though. Something about shaking up trash doesn't feel quite right.
daseva, Oct 16 2009

       Make mine {{shudder}}, not seize, and I'd buy one.
blissmiss, Oct 16 2009

       Oh Bliss, you'll love the customization feature that comes standard with every bin that rolls off the line at 21st Century Quest Engineering. You've got your choice of siezing, shuddering, shaking, shimmying, for anitheft purposes, shocking, and, for night-time use, shimmering.
21 Quest, Oct 17 2009


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