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robot snakes and raptors

cyborgs for rat control in the cities and third world
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putting cobras everywhere would work well but be slightly hazardous. Soooo, if we could develop rubber "snakes" with pneumatic locomotion, infrared detectors, and electric "fangs," problem solved. we could even have them "eat" the beasts and secrete digestive enzymes to reduce their volume. robot "Raptors" would also be good. could be designed like an actual bird or predator zeppelin that quietly cruises the garbage piles of Mexico City, equipped with .22 caliber machine gun or birdshot-load Gauge.
drpoundsign, Mar 02 2004


       In Mexico City the [ Robot Raptor ] would be so much spare parts on the marketplace in a New York minute. I love the concept but the environment is going to require some stealth and hardening. Great test zone for young roboticists, though. I feel a William Gibson moment coming on.....
normzone, Mar 03 2004

       health massage? or am i miss reading the catergory
engineer1, Mar 03 2004

       drpoundsign probably could not find the right catagory
hamheart, Jun 07 2008

       How would this robo-raptor tell the difference between a rat and a dauchshaund though? That's it, I'm giving you a [-] for endangering the wiener dogs of this world. You do realize that wiener dogs serve a purpose too, don't you? Wiener dogs catch rats in the rat holes! You'd be replacing a prey's predator with a prey's predator's predator, and that I cannot allow.
quantum_flux, Jun 10 2008

       This is robot magic, shirley?   

       //problem solved//   

       my arse. Where's the solving bit?
Custardguts, Jun 10 2008


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