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Robot Club

Robot Club
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In order to incorporate math and science teaching and parent involvement I propose Robot Club.

Children under the age of seven will be part of the brainstorming division. Given some art materials they can come up with what they consider to be the robots of the future. This will have to be accompanied by an oral presentation, because alot of the best robot designs may appear to the uninformed eye as a giant scribble.

Children under the age of ten will build simple circuits (see Elenco snap circuits) and simple machines.

Children under the age of 14 would build more complicated circuits and compound machines.

Teenagers would then be challenged to design something that performed some task.

Anyone over 18 would help the kids, find materials, put out small fires.

Anyone over 50 could help with safety teaching by occasionally saying things like, "In my day we didn't wear safety glasses. We just went ahead and lost the eye. Remember old Cyclops, Jim?"

The first order of business would have to involve: who cleans up what, when, and where. This issue will determine how many women have any interest in joining.

The second thing would be to call the police dept and fire dept. and give them a heads up, because the club will want to be on good terms with them when somebody's Dad gets a gleam in his eye and says, "Let's see what this puppy can do!"

lunarlune, Oct 18 2006


       "First rule of Robot Club..."
DrCurry, Oct 18 2006


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