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School of X-treme Engineering

University institutes for aspiring overengineers
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The School of Extreme Engineering is intended to push the limits of human imagination in the field of engineering. Students and researchers will devise inventions and contraptions that exceed the practical design limits imposed by traditional engineering schools.

Examples from the various overengineering subfields include:

Aerospace- The flying aircraft carrier

Automotive-625 horsepower sub-compact cars

Civil- The indestructable 120-storey inclined office tower

Mechanical- Home ceiling fans assembled from aircraft propellers and electric locomotive traction motors

Demolition- A caterpillar- tractor mounted tool that could flatten a large house in a single movement

Military- Orbital space platform with very big gun

Kalamity, Aug 30 2002

Unorthodox engineers http://www.sfsite.c....cgi?THNRGNRSAC1979
Worth reading for engineer halfbakers .... [8th of 7, Aug 30 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

ArchitectureWeek http://www.architec...011/design_1-1.html
Contemporary Design: Culver City - these are some pretty wacky buildings [thumbwax, Sep 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       this would have been baked for everything that an engineer was ever involved in if it werent for budgets
chud, Aug 30 2002

       that and the laws of physics, Chud: yeh cannae break the laws o physics, captain!
yamahito, Aug 31 2002

       damn lawyers.
chud, Sep 01 2002

       how about a new airport design in rubber so it can expand and contract according to the number of passengers   

       --KiwiJor, 26th of May 2004
kiwijor, May 25 2004

       perhaps it could be sponsored by Orange, who already have a dept of Imagineeering.
neilp, May 25 2004

       This sounds like a place i would love to work, Channel 4 in the UK has a shoiw like this Monster Garage, 60mph 6.3liter lawnmower, Rolls Royce muck spreader.
engineer1, May 26 2004


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