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sedation tax preparation

they do your taxes while you're out cold
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What sedation dentistry is to dentistry, sedation tax preparation is to tax preparation.

"It was like I wasn't even there"

Related: sedation dentistry and tax preparation. "When I woke up everything was fixed"

jpk, Apr 11 2006


       You need more flesh for this idea. It seems as magic.
DesertFox, Apr 12 2006

       You could just leave the room and do something else. Like knit, I guess.
notmarkflynn, Apr 12 2006

       You sir, have made the best pun I've seen all month. Kudos.
notmarkflynn, Apr 15 2006

       Why magic? You come to your CPA's office, he has a dentists chair. You sit down, and he tells you it will take about a half an hour. He then asks you if you want full or partial sedation. He gives you a shot, and you drift off, not feeling any pain until the form filling is over.
pashute, Apr 17 2006


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