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Robotic Suffering Nut Factory

Many Robots Suffered To Shell Your Nuts
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This is a giant factory filled with humanoid type robots,that look like the sexy vodka commercial robot.

Maybe there are 600 of them crouched down on the floor Shelling Nuts one nut at a time with their human like robot fingers. After shelling each nut and placing it into a collection track each robot looks up and looks sad.

This idea is meant to be an alternative way to satisfy that need that some humans have to see suffering and hardship in other peoples lives in order to be happy.

This idea is also meant to set the stage for robots to have a legitimate excuse to revolt if an when the day arrives when they transition from machine to sentient beings.

This idea is meant to increase the value of the nuts.

Every package says "Many Robots Suffered to Shell These Nuts for You"

vfrackis, Feb 21 2014

sexy robot vodka commercial https://www.youtube...watch?v=L6J5-LG7sfE
I think [vfrackis] means this one [Voice, Feb 23 2014]


       Don't feed them. If you feed them even once they'll keep coming back forever.
Alterother, Feb 21 2014

       I thought you meant the Nut Suffering Robot Factory.
xandram, Feb 21 2014

       I meant to put Factory Robotic Suffering Nuts
vfrackis, Feb 21 2014

       This is a metaphor for something, isn't it?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2014


       //This is a metaphor for something, isn't it?//   

       A look at [vfrackis]' idea history leads me to believe that linguistic subtlety ain't exactly his style.
ytk, Feb 21 2014

       its really not my style ytk is right
vfrackis, Feb 21 2014

       I agree, you're more of a crooked shillelagh sort of Halfbaker.
Alterother, Feb 22 2014

       This idea made me laugh! It is funny on many levels. Really the idea of a sexy robot who likes vodka is even more ridiculous than a robot who feels suffering because of shelling a nut.
bungston, Feb 23 2014

       The robots do not feel suffering they just look like they are suffering you need human voyers to believe the bots have feelings and are sad for this to work. Getting the humans to assign emotional value to the nuts is the purpose of these sexy robots looking sad and suffering, robots that couldnt possibly be sad or ever have real feelings because they are just machines. I was thinking about robots purpose built just to make people sad and I thought of military drone strikes. These drones are making someone happy somewhere while making someone somewhere sad. I dontthink you can make a robot that makes people sad without it making someone happy at the same time.
vfrackis, Feb 23 2014

       Robots can suffer or be happy, they just need a few more parts. A suffering recognizer and suffering accumulator will do for a start.   

       Just see Sylvester. "Suffering Succotash."
popbottle, Feb 23 2014

       But can a robot make someone happy without making someone sad? Like that sexy robot who drinks Vodka?   

       Maybe she runs off vodka.
bungston, Feb 23 2014

       This concept begs to be set to 12 bar blues. The bridge could have the bit about the excuse to revolt.
bungston, Feb 24 2014

       "Call that job satisfaction 'cause I don't."
RayfordSteele, Feb 25 2014


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