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Smash n' Grab

Ring-the-bell-with-the-sledgehammer meets smash n' grab burglary without broken glass
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A = An electronic "sledgehammer" with pressure sensor attached to central unit
B = Unbreakable Glass with location sensors attached to central unit and:
C = Prizes with coil attachment to location sensors.

Bash a translucent, unbreakable, protective, mar-resistant surface which has sensors attached - these sensors factor in location of impact which corresponds to location of toy, as they are simply held by a coiled wire - much as a telephone coil. The sledgehammer has the pressure sensor. If the pressure is great enough on the impact point of the sledgehammer, it sends a signal to central unit. Central unit sends OK to pressure sensor activated spot corresponding to location of impact. The toy which was at impact area gets selected - it drops down chute - accompanied by sound of breaking glass. The coil is simply released from the toy, so coil is usable for next reload of toys.
Pay Up
Enter Safe Area
Swing Hard
thumbwax, Aug 25 2002


       I'm sure this is probably baked at a Detroit casino somewhere.
RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2002

       A modernization of the age-old ring-the-bell game? Make sure no one can walk off with the sledgehammer....
phoenix, Aug 27 2002

       Hey Rayford- you leave Detroit outta this! Yeah, you're right, we do like the smash-n-grab here... It's actually baked in the parking lot behind the casino.
Mr Burns, Aug 27 2002

       - and the food is where? I am hungry.
po, Aug 27 2002


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