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Snacks in puzzle-based packaging that require more energy to unpack than the food delivers
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Snacks which are packaged in a way requiring the user to expend more energy unlocking the snack than is gained by eating it.

these might have to be quite complex puzzles, depending on the deliciousness of the snack.

marketed towards fat geeks.

jeffcapeshop, Nov 12 2007


       Can you give some examples? A puzzle, for example, would be too easy. I think I have seen a Rubik's Cube modified to become a safe. You have to complete it to open it and obtain the locked item. That could work for truffles or something.   

       //marketed towards fat geeks//   

       I know fat geeks that would just disable/disarm/destroy the puzzle and get the snack. The trouble with dealing with smart people is the danger of being outsmarted.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 12 2007


       i think the solution lies in re-usable packaging and a larger dispenser (sold seperately)   

       The snacks are sold in a secure box, which is placed in the larger dispenser. The empty snack-puzzle-containers are also placed in the dispenser, which then proceeds to fill the puzzles (a variety of which are available, rubik's-cube style is ideal, though perhaps something requiring more energy and less brainpower would be better) internally.   

       This might all add up to be a bit expensive, but what price good health?
jeffcapeshop, Nov 12 2007

       Perhaps the packaging should be standard, but the physical form of the food itself is the puzzle: it requires dextrous manipulation to get it apart, into small enough pieces to eat comfortably. Formed cereal bits that interlock would do nicely.   

       Of course, I've seen lots of fat kids that would simply gnaw on the corners of whatever was handy until it was small enough to choke down.
elhigh, Nov 15 2007


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