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Rock-Face Airbags

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I have taken a keen interest in the recent Mars explorations, by both the UK and the US. Although the UK probe never returned any data, I still believe it is "alive".

Space exploratory probes have, since 1997, taken on a new form of planetary decent. Airbags play a very important part in absorbing much of the impact when landing. It's not too large a leap of thinking to assume the same could be used by us.

I'm not saying parachuter’s should start jumping out of planes with a few air-bags strapped to them.

I believe the technology of space probes could be used to help protect a certain demographic of society from accidental death from relatively large falls. Such people would include rock-climbers.
Upon freefall, away from a rock face, the airbags would calculate the rate of descent and also the approximate distance from sea-level where the user last zeroed the altimeter. Once an unacceptable rate of descent was reached along with a low enough altitude; the airbags would deploy, encompassing the climber in a protective bubble, thus assuming that the rope/holds had failed.
silverstormer, Jan 13 2004

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       // I still believe it is "alive". //   

       Ya gotta have hope!   

       The MER missions bags are really only there to protect them from a fall of about 30 feet or so. They have retro rockets and chutes slowing them way way down long before the bags deploy.
waugsqueke, Jan 13 2004

       Maybe just have a cord to pull that would deploy the bags so you could control the timing. (maybe the package could provide a clean pair of pants too.)
no12pass, Jan 13 2004

       Add a chute and you have base jumping...
normzone, Jan 13 2004

       Even if the airbags worked, the forces on the human body might be fairly formidable
theircompetitor, Jan 13 2004

       We've done personal airbags several times before for other applications, see links.
krelnik, Jan 14 2004


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