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a test of manhood for local HS students
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Test of manhood - one version. I was recently in Cannon Beach Oregon and they have a huge basalt rock (Haystack Rock) in the ocean so close to shore that you can walk to it on the beach at low tide. It is 235 feet high- and is the perfect test of manhood for the locals - who need to climb it (and the smaller similar ones) and be photographed at the top to be considered a "real man" (and get sexual favors from the local girls... AND local women, many of whom have fond memories of losing their virginity to someone who made the climb, and why not one more climber in her little black book). My half baked idea is a way for an entire graduating class to make the climb AND be photographed at the top- and do it in record time without being arrested (it is illegal, the rock is a nature area to protect nesting birds supposedly). My method involves getting accurate weights of each member of the class who will "climb", and then having a pulley at the TOP-- once in place, the individual who placed it uses his/her weight and about 250' of rope to raise the next individual (the heaviest! this might require a bag full of water to make the original (actual SOLE) climber heavy enough). After that, since the order is by decreasing weight, the individual at the top can raise the next one by weight difference alone-- and some method of slowing the rope will be necessary to prevent too rapid a descent. A few harnesses will avoid delay at the changeover -- and cellphones can provide communication needed to coordinate the effort, which will be on the ocean side of the rock (to prevent hostiles from phoning police). And of course- someone with telescope camera will do the photos from the cliff facing the rock(s). Did they already do this? I would have if I had ever been there before!! Even without a weapon!
lewstanley, Feb 27 2018


       well, a sequence of mountain climbers getting to the top with each descending one as a pulley weight is new to me.
beanangel, Feb 27 2018

       So, the fattest guy is the first to get laid?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2018

       The second, by my reckoning.
pertinax, Feb 28 2018

       ... and anyway, that would only apply if the local girls and/or women were waiting in line at the foot of the rock like very orderly sirens.
pertinax, Feb 28 2018

       /fattest guy first to get laid/ - got my vote!
bungston, Feb 28 2018

       What about birdstrike ?
normzone, Feb 28 2018

       This could be the start of runaway sexual selection, which in this case meaning the women run away
DDRopDeadly, Mar 07 2018


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