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Rocket Shoes

Not what you think.
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These are not shoes with rockets attached. These are shoes with rocket pods built into the soles.

Using an on-board computer and motion sensors, the shoes will wait for a set of user-defined movements as input to fire. Setting an aggressive dance as the input will cause rockets to launch from your feet, causing considerable consternation to an opponent in addition to random property damage/ mild injury.

Wearing these shoes to a dance party and using the Cotton-Eye Joe dance as input will provide hours of fun and weeks of recovery.

notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005


       Why do all of your ideas seem to involve some component of property damage and personal injury?
jurist, Dec 17 2005

       Because I'm young and I find this stuff funny. Jesus, will you guys stop taking me seriously...
notmarkflynn, Dec 18 2005

       Oh, you mean rocket-launcher shoes. I imagine the aim on these things to be terrible. Basically a lot of nicking your foe's toes. Make sure your "opponents" do not have any actual firearms!
Zuzu, Dec 18 2005


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