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Rockets vs Rockettes

If the gals are allowed to kick, who will win?
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Let's play this particular game in a place like shown in the link. It can easily be seen that the ball hoops are far enough above the ground that the height difference between basketball players, such as those on the Houston Rockets team, and stage players, such as the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, is trivial.

In this type of game the use of hands, to manipulate the ball, is forbidden.

Nevertheless, guys are generally stronger than gals, so let the gals be able to kick the ball as needed. The guys are forbidden to kick the ball with feet, but can still use knees and elbows.

Who will win? If the guys are still favored to win, perhaps letting the gals kick the guys, too, would be beneficial to the Rockette team.

Vernon, Mar 15 2016

(?) A suitable ball court https://en.wikipedi...lCourt-interior.jpg
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Mar 15 2016]

Better link to the picture https://commons.wik...lCourt-interior.jpg
supports mobile, Imagus, etc.; doesn't load the whole article unnecessarily [notexactly, Mar 23 2016]

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