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Rogaine Injected Shaving Cream

Say goodbye to that "baby face."
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I've HAD IT! Yet again my attempts to see an R-rated movie have been thwarted. Yeah, OK...I shoulda remembered my ID, but I'm 25 for Christ's sake!

I guess it has all to do with the fact that my face is smoother than the ass of a 10-year-old. I want a goatee, goddammit, so I can be cool like the rest of the 20-something-gen X-hipsters.

Why not make a shaving cream injected with Rogaine so the few times a month I shave, I can have the wonder of chemically-induced hair growth working for me so that I may one day be able to offer "Mustache Rides" to the swooning masses of hot babes that go ga-ga for goatees...............?

ChachieWawa, Aug 24 2000


       I'd love to have your problem.
egnor, Aug 24 2000

       Ok - I'm not a expert in these things, but it seems, if anything, rogaine shaving cream would have the opposite effect - after all it is the supression of the effects of steroids that allow rogaine to work on the scalp - beard hair, however, thrives on those very same steroids. So rogaine shaving cream may supress beard growth - odd, isnt it?
lotoole, Aug 30 2000

       carry your ID and save your face the hassle of hair and chemicals.
raisin, Oct 01 2000

       Joanie loves CachieWawa. The answer is in the question. HOT TIP: Shave, shave, shave. Peach fuzz will be just that until you shave it all the time. The follicle then shoots out a new, thicker growth and so on and so forth. Once it pops out, lop those suckers off. 'Soon' your beard will be so tough you will not be able to shave without having at least two razors per sitting. And for God's sakes don't grow a goatee. That's following somebody. In 5 years muttonchops'll be back. Never follow, hold your liquor-always lead-and swagger dammit. Ah, youth.
thumbwax, Oct 01 2000


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