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Punch a Badger

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And hold it to your face. For a smooth finish, use grain alcohol as aftershave.

(From my own anno on 'Hot Shave,' by [Ling])

notmarkflynn, Mar 15 2006

Inpiration! Hot_20shave
[notmarkflynn, Mar 15 2006]

"Weasels Ripped my flesh" by the mothers of invention http://www.science....Ripped_My_Flesh.jpg
"Badgers Ripped My Flesh" by the daughters of uninvention [xenzag, Mar 17 2006]

o.k. you asked for it! http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/
[po, Mar 21 2006]

Today Programme feature http://www.bbc.co.u...sday_20060405.shtml
Badgers not responsible for spreading TB (last item but one at bottom of page). [DrBob, Apr 13 2006]

Badgerland http://www.badgerland.co.uk/
"The definitive guide to badgers in the UK" it says... [DrBob, Apr 13 2006]

Harry Hill http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Hill
Big fan of badgers. [DrBob, Apr 13 2006]

Bodger & Badger http://en.wikipedia...i/Bodger_and_Badger
Mmm! Mash! [DrBob, Apr 13 2006]


       Oh [bigsleep] you have been listening to the nuns too much.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 15 2006

       Badgers suck, have a bun.
MikeOxbig, Mar 16 2006

       nuns are sexual perverts who belive that all persons should fear all forms of pleasure, especially that of an erotic nature. I understant that convincing young boys that beavers have teeth is a favored lesson.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 16 2006

       I am truly honoured to see this inspiration which refers to my original "Hot shave"... On second thoughts...
Ling, Mar 16 2006

       for anyone who attacks badgers in any way - a giant fishbone. And may you end your days as part of the contents of a badger's intestinal tubing MO
xenzag, Mar 16 2006

       Now I know how I'm going to die...
notmarkflynn, Mar 16 2006

       sp. //Inpiration!// Or is it that your swollen lip after being mangled by the badger?
zigness, Mar 16 2006

       Hmmm, sort of like "Whack-a-mole", only more painful, and with badgers.
DesertFox, Mar 17 2006

MikeOxbig, Mar 18 2006

       Then why not just punch a grizzly bear?
MikeOxbig, Mar 19 2006

       Did the grizzy bear leave me anything in its will?
Canuck, Mar 19 2006

       Badgers!, We don't need no stinkin' badgers!   

       The Badgers got beaten down by the Arizona Wildcats. My formula had them winning by 1 point.   

       For any that go in for the Madness.
Zimmy, Mar 19 2006

       I'm scared of badgers. I don't really think punching a bear is going to be any easier for me.
notmarkflynn, Mar 20 2006

       And here I was thinking Badgers were cute kind of things - the closest thing I've seen to a badger was that one from Wind in The Willows - but upon checking out [bigsleep]'s link I have changed my oppinion - and underwear - somewhat...
gorjabuble, Mar 21 2006

       Gnashing of teeth, razor sharp claws, sounds like someone's ex-wife. Wait, nope, it's just my shaving badger...
DesertFox, Mar 21 2006

       Apropos of nothing I thought that I'd take this opportunity to spread a bit of pro-badger propoganda.

Last week on the Today Programme (BBC radio news - see linky) there was an interesting story about a farmer who had managed to eliminate TB from his dairy herd and had been TB free for six years, despite the fact that all his neighbours herds were infected and he had a large badger population on his land. The explanation? He had gone over to organic clover as the feed stuff for his cows and eliminated maize entirely from their diet. Apparently badgers & cows both love maize but it weakens their immune system. Whereas clover contains lots of lovely vitamins & minerals that help to build up their immune system. Hence, no TB and no need for a massive badger cull.
DrBob, Apr 13 2006

       DrBob - thanks for the badger links - Huge fan of both Bodger and Badger, and Harry Hill's celebrity badgers. (Harry Hill continues to be a mainstream comedy genius)
zen_tom, Apr 13 2006


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