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Roll-on Suntan lotion

"...Keeps your hands dry"
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You go to the beach, set up your towel, strip down a start spreading lotion on yourself. Now you have greasy hands that get sand and lotion on everything you touch. Even your tuna salad sandwich tastes like Coppertone®. But now, there is a better way. Roll-on Lotion, just like your deodorant, spreads it on evenly and quickly while keeping your hands dry. Of course you will need to overlap your strokes for complete coverage. In a variety of scents and widths.
lbunting, Nov 28 2001

Baked. http://healthanswer...Details.asp?ID=7078
Search for 'roll' [angel, Nov 28 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       There's a reason you don't see this stuff in stores very often. It sucks ass.
mighty_cheese, Nov 29 2001

       It comes in spray form, too. Even better than roll-on.
djanaba, Nov 29 2001

       Well, that depends on your point of view, I suppose.
mighty_cheese, Nov 29 2001

       Ah-Ha! how about edible suntan lotion you can apply it to your partner with your tongue
lbunting, Nov 29 2001

       I'm getting this mental picture of this flabby, middle-aged, hairy-backed guy asking everyone at the beach to help him apply his edible suntan lotion <yech! shudder>   

       Excuse me, I have to go wash my mind out with soap...
Canuck, Nov 29 2001

       Hack...Kaff...Blurp! Sorry, hairball.
Given that they produce less mess, etc. as lbunting said, I wonder why the alternatives to smear-on sunscreen aren't more common.
nick_n_uit, Dec 01 2001

       oh my god I thought he said screensaver
po, Dec 02 2001

       Baked to a crisp.
Japanese_Coffee, Jun 28 2003


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