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Nanoparticle titanium sunscreen

Apply at birth. Repeat yearly.
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Very white folks have a hard time with the sun. One problemis that white folks accumulate a lot of damaging sun exposure in their ignorant youth, and later wisdom cannot undo this. Just as kids are given bonding treatiments toprotect teeth,if it were possible to permanently treat the skin to lessen the impact of UV, this could be periodically inflicted on teenagers for their own good.

BUNGCO has devised a method that avoids permanent tattoos or lasting blackness. Titanium dioxide is the active ingredient in sunscreen, and has a very low toxicity which enables it to be used in hip replacements and similar products. Processed into very tiny nanoparticles, TiO2 can penetrate not only the pores, but the actual cells of the skin itself. Once inside, this "white melanin" will never break down, but will serve to reflect UV. One treatment lasts for months.

BUNGCO has heard from many enthusiastic Goth users of this product who rarely or never go into the sun, but like the profound intrinsic whiteness it provides when applied frequently. We aim to please!

bungston, Aug 07 2005


       If we'd glow like teeth in blacklight, that would be _cool_!
reensure, Aug 07 2005


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