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Sun tan lotion that tans itself

“itself tanning”
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I have sunglasses that darken in the sun. They’re photochromic. So, like my sunglasses, this lotion has a photochromic dye mixed in. As you lie in the sun, whatever lotion that's directly in the sun gets dark, but the lotion that isn't, doesn't. See?

So, it gives you a self-leveling tan. And some neat effects, too.

Put your hand on your stomach for a minute, and get a cool afterimage.

Lie in the shadow of a picket fence, and you'll get stripes. As with the sunglasses, the afterimages are good for about ten minutes of walking around before they fade.
pluterday, Sep 12 2003


       make it in camoflage colors too ...reactive to the amount of light hitting the surface of the surface applied to ... all reptile-like ... sounds like somehting DeathNinja might dig (?).
Letsbuildafort, Sep 12 2003

       Definitely Sun-Baked! I love the idea...
tatju, Sep 12 2003


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