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Piss Plasters

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For jellyfish stings.
theleopard, Mar 22 2007

ABC News http://abcnews.go.c...y?id=2283933&page=1
"Peeing on a stung bit of skin won't do much to relieve suffering, and you'll suffer some odd stares, too, doctors say." [jutta, Mar 22 2007]

Nematocyst http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nematocyst
Quite clever really [zen_tom, Mar 22 2007]


       [+] Brevity.   

       (Though oddly enough, it left me thinking of the Von Trapp family)
zen_tom, Mar 22 2007

       It's a myth, it can actually make it worse.
skinflaps, Mar 22 2007

       "Pissed" means drunk in England, and "Plastered" means drunk in the U.S. I had this idea all wrong.
nomocrow, Mar 22 2007

       "Pissed" and "Plastered" *both* mean "drunk" in the UK. I've never heard either term used to mean "drunk" in the US.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2007

       Sp: they're, as in "they are".
Texticle, Mar 22 2007

       If a phrase doesn't already describe a drunkard, it can and will at some point in the future. (I was absolutely bloody Power Rangered last night).
fridge duck, Mar 23 2007

       I heard that heat can help. It was on TV, so it must be true. Hot Piss?
Ling, Mar 23 2007

       I know that some fishermen piss on their hands to keep fishing line cuts from getting infected and I'm pretty sure that won't have been scientifically proven to be effective either, so. (+)   

       If acetic acid is helpful I could see uric acid having a similar effect.   

       [theleopard], you deftly corrected two, but missed the other one. I look forward to your next edit.
Texticle, Mar 23 2007

       I don't care if it's true or not, about the peeing on jellyfish stings thing, but the piss plaster is a genius idea!
FussyPedant, Mar 23 2007

       //If acetic acid is helpful I could see uric acid having a similar effect.//   

       That may be the case, but where are you going to get enough reptile piss from? Humans produce urea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2007

       Thanks [MaxwellBuchanan].
I've got to learn to research the things that pop out of my long term memory before commenting.

       You're welcome. But now I have a tune from West-side Story running around my head annoyingly (Urea, I just met a girl called urea...)
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2007

       and suddenly the name will never be the same to me ...
nomocrow, Mar 26 2007

       What the [FussyPedant] said.   

       Also new [brevity] tag.
theleopard, Mar 26 2007


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