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Roller Blind type Sheet and Blanket Dispenser

Makes for easy selection of bedding for tonight's temperature.
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The nightime minimum temperature here has been all over the place this last week. There has been as much as a 15C difference in the lowest temperature from one night to the next. We have a sheet, a blanket and a duvet and use whichever combo most suits the conditions du jour. (du nuit?)

The problem is sometimes we want just the blanket, sometimes just the duvet, sometimes both and occasionally, on very warm nights, just the sheet alone. We do the usual shuffling of bed linen but the non-used bedding either impedes the use of the other stuff or just ends up slumped on the floor.

My solution is to have a large blanket-box type piece of furniture at the foot of the bed with a selection of 4 types of bedding each rolled up on a rollerblind like device. Make your selection of whichever combo most suits the night's temperature, pull it up over you and then click a locking mechanism into place to stop it from rolling back into the box.

Each sheet or blanket would attach to the rollerblind with a safe clamping mechanism to allow simple removal for laundering. Just NEVER let the rollerblind spring mechanism wind back up without first attaching a new sheet.

AusCan531, Feb 07 2012


       So, Fremantle Doctor making unwelcome house calls?
spidermother, Feb 07 2012

       I think this is a very good idea. + I hate being oversheeted, or blanketed to death.
blissmiss, Feb 07 2012

       I wish [spidermother]. We're too high in the hills for the Doctor's winds to quite reach us. (see Firefighting Mushroom idea, however). A "low" of 25C one night then 10C a few nights later.
AusCan531, Feb 07 2012

       Here in So Cal this would be a great idea. Have a before-bedtime croissant on me.   

       West Coast is the best coast...
normzone, Feb 07 2012

       North-West coast is the best coast, [normzone].
blissmiss, Feb 07 2012

       I like it! Sourdough bun. And get to work making it, I'll buy the first one.
Psalm_97, Feb 07 2012

       + I think it's a good idea! One could incorporate mosquito netting for outdoor sleeping and other various blanets like velvet for your lover, one pre-loaded with crumbs when you are mad at your spouse (and they are sleeping alone!).
xandram, Feb 07 2012

       Sorry blissy! I accidentally deleted your post. For the record, she said "Heh" to [xandram]'s crumby anno.
AusCan531, Feb 08 2012

       I did? Forgot. No harm done.
blissmiss, Feb 08 2012


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