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Beds modelled on sea-scapes
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Sea-Beds, like the name suggests, are a new range of beds inspired and modelled on some famous seascapes.

The illusion begins with the mattress cover, which can be printed to resemble any number of well known sandy stretches.

Next comes the adjustable quilt, which has been carefully stitched and gathered to make the rolling waves which break and plunge just before the pillows.

The pillows, which complete the scenario, can either be made up as renowned escarpments, such as the White Cliffs of Dover, or the sun kissed strands of any other famous coastal resort.

Choose the prevailing weather of your quilt by pulling on the concealed strings which make the waves. Be calm and smooth, for a mellow evening, or create a stationary tsunami, with the quilt bunched up at the bottom of the bed, to keep your feet warm on a cold night.

Each Sea-Bed quilt can be further enhanced and decorated with stick on surfers, tug boats, jet skiers, protruding shark fins etc.

To complete the illusion, just pop on the sea-sounds CD of your choice, and invite your favourite siren to join you, as you go deep sea diving under a raging surf.

xenzag, Jan 02 2007

This would go nicely Nautilus_20Pillow
Shameless [skinflaps, Jan 02 2007]


       underwater love....
100 percent, Jan 02 2007

skinflaps, Jan 02 2007

       I periodically spend the night on a small (26') boat. It can be blessedly calm, or a night-long roller coaster ride.   

       I've also noticed that when sleeping on water I tend to have vivid erotic dreams. I'm chalking this up to sea sprites, or something like that.
normzone, Jan 02 2007

       [+], especially if it's a waterbed.
badideajeans, Jan 03 2007

       You might find others nicknaming you 'The Kraken': "Look! The Kraken wakes!"   

       But this is a wonderful idea. +
imaginality, Jan 03 2007

       //I'm chalking this up to sea sprites//   

The Sea is a woman who never grows old.
(Blow the man down).
Her heart is warm but her body is cold.
(Blow the man down).
pertinax, Jan 03 2007

       No scurvy siren be a-boarding my sea-bed! I will defend my vessel with cutlass and pistol!   

       <sleeps alone on sofa>
wagster, Jan 03 2007


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