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Roller curling

Sort of like roller hockey, so that Americans can play
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Can't find a curling club nearby? Why not play in a parking lot? The main problem is that I can't figure out how you'd work sweeping into the sport.
fishinabarrel, Oct 20 2003

Roller Curling http://www.hockeysp...nland/team957-2.htm
Just use a wet mop (I think that's what he's using). [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]

Carpet curling http://www.handilif...glish/curli%20E.htm
Er... [alligator_al, Oct 04 2004]

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       I'm guessing that roller curling rocks would go way too far on concrete.   

       After all, Crown Green Bowling is played on grass, and Bocce and Boules on sand, where the balls tend to stop rolling relatively quickly. Ten Pin Bowling may be played on a smooth surface, but only because you want the balls to smash into the pins at the end.   

       But if you overcome that, you get my croissant. (If you *can't* overcome it, just make sure you let me know where you're playing, so I can move my car out of the way.)
DrCurry, Oct 21 2003


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