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Snowboard binding "bike chain" ankle strap

A ankle strap for a snowboard binding ankle and toe strap made form bike chain so it wont wear down.
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so one problem i have with all my snowboard bindings. The cheap ones and even the bran new high end Snowboard bindings is that the straps the cranks full on to tighten the strap around the ankle and toe gets worn out. Sometimes only after two or three days on the mountain.

After the plastic grooves on the strap wears out you cant tighten your straps as much and it becomes very difficult.

There are strapless bindings available but most advanced snowboarders prefer the straps because they give you a better control of the board.

So my idea is a strap that isn't made from the plastic that all the others are. instead the larger crank strap has a ratchet that is designed for a dual steel chain. Much like you see on a bike pedal chain. they can make smaller ones that aren't as thick and you can line them up multiple at a time, side by side. so maybe three small ones side by side so its still somewhat flat and not bulky. the end can slide in the ratchet of the binding with ankle strap pad and it will crank the straps as tight as you want and it wont wear out after just a few days.

This can also be used on many roller blade designs that use the same type of ratcheting system to tighten the boot.

ghostlandseller, Jul 09 2008


       sp. "snowboard", "An", "from", "won't", "I", "brand", "around", "can't", "won't"(again)...
Welcome to the HB.
coprocephalous, Jul 09 2008

       Welcome *to* the HB.
theleopard, Jul 09 2008

       Yes indeed welcome, now can we have more details of the Kellogg's Snowboards? - //bran new high end Snowboard bindings// - suggested new advertising slogan.... "From Corn Flakes to Snow Fakes."
xenzag, Jul 09 2008


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