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Non-Suffocating Face Mask

No more cloth in front of the mouth getting all wet and nasty, no more irritation of the lips and surrounding skin!
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The face mask is the same as the ones robbers traditionally wear, with a hole for the mouth and eyes. Ski goggles protect the eyes. For the mouth, a PVC pipe or other tube is attached to the mouth with a T junction so that pipe enters the mouth and leaves on the left and right. The pipe has a flow valve that prevents the annoying buildup of exhaust air in the intake pipe (this occurs in snorkel gear, where you breathe the same air in the pipe again and again, causing minor CO2 poisoning and significant discomfort).

But here comes the main benefit: The intake pipe is positioned to take air from inside your jacket. It may be smelly, but it is moist and warm, allowing you to cool off your core body, which is most likely hotter than you want it, and breathe easily. Exhaust air pipe is located somewhere off to the other side to avoid fogging the goggles.

Perhaps the mouth apparatus should be connected to a helmet; that way a person's face would be protected in a collision, rather than being further mangled, especially in the teeth.

My main reason for not biking in weather colder than 40F is getting a cold face. So this isn't strictly for skiing.

Ketchupybread, Mar 27 2007


       My mouth-cloth got all wet and nasty reading this. Paragraph breaks may present a better solution than elaborate valving.
Texticle, Mar 27 2007

       I put in spaces by pressing enter, but when I posted it the writing became one block of text. not my fault.
Ketchupybread, Mar 27 2007

       Multiple spaces will be concatenated into a single space. And paragraph breaks are defined with two carriage returns.   

       Please go back and edit.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 27 2007

       But it's not his fault! Or hers... Though, I don't think women are generally this defensive.
daseva, Mar 28 2007

       Thanks for the tip. I'm male, btw.
Ketchupybread, Mar 28 2007

       "moist and warm"? There are two things I think of when I read "moist and warm": cake and farts, neither of which I like to breathe.
topherator, Apr 30 2007


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