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Rolodex prethreads

Pick your color quickly
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Thread a needle and attach it to a Rolodex card. Wrap the thread around the card so the wrapped thread can be viewed from the edge. Do this about 100 times on 100 separate cards (needles are practically free). Sell them to people who do costumes, theater stage mangers, ballet teachers, etc. Who might need a prethreaded needle for costume malfunctions.
nomocrow, Jun 12 2012

Prethreaded needles. http://www.singerma...aded-needle-kit.htm
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 13 2012]


       Rolodex? Do people use these?
bungston, Jun 12 2012

       My grandmother did, before we got her a PDA. Now I think she has the Rolodex app for her iPhone.
Alterother, Jun 12 2012

       Sort of baked <link>
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 13 2012


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