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Revenue bootstrap company

A website where you can create a business account and then be provided with business services paid for by revenue sharing
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Some business products, services and software are extremely expensive to purchase and require special relationships to even begin buying.

One service the bootstrap company should provide is payment processing.

But many small and medium businesses could benefit from this software and business service.

The revenue bootstrap company offers services services at a price + requires a revenue share and handles payments from customers.

The revenue bootstrap company takes a cut of revenue of the companies it serves.

The idea is to promote businesses to form and not go without advantageous products.

The customers would set their prices accordingly so that they earn enough money even with the revenue share.

The provision of payment provision means that small companies can rapidly get set up on the platform and buy business services on the marketplace.

chronological, Jan 25 2023


       Intriguing, is there anything somewhat similar out there? [+]
doctorremulac3, Jan 25 2023

       About fifteen years ago I failed to start a small business ... for various reasons, but payment processing was one of the things that I found unexpectedly hard to set up. I had imagined that it had got easier since then, (because there are so many small online businesses) but maybe it hasn't. [+]
pertinax, Jan 26 2023

       This is a very good idea.
My wife is a bookkeeper/tax preparation specialist, heavy on planning and lists.

       I have been in job-bouncing and construction most of my life, specialize in learning anything new just about fast enough to deal with most incoming curve-balls in order to keep my head afloat, but have a hard time remembering names, what I did yesterday, what day of the week it is and what month I am in.   

       True story.   

       Together we make an effective team.   

       Alone, we struggled.   

       2 fries shy of a happy meal Would her workload significantly increase if she was doing the tax planning for 10,000 businesses versus 1? It really shouldn't with technology   

       If you knew you would receive a percentage of all revenue for someone else's work in response to their work, that should be profitable.   

       How do you lower the marginal costs of providing business services. Good technology.
chronological, Jan 26 2023

       The tax prep part is simple data entry if you've purchased the latest very expensive tax program, and if the companies bookkeeping is accurate. Corporate taxes are whole other critter and can her take quite a while.   

       Yes she would make far more income if she was paid by the tax return rather than hourly but would need to become a CPA or work under one in order for it to be legal and isn't willing to spend 8 years getting certified.   

       There was a time here in Canada where all you had to do was sign your tax form, attach your t4's, and mail it off.
Completing the form is really the governments job, they've just pawned it off on us.

       Funny story; When I first met my wife she was flabbergasted when I told her that I've always sent more money to the government than what was supposed to be taken from my cheques because if the government owes me money they don't care if I file my taxes and so I would only file them every five or six years guaranteeing that, not only would I receive no penalties, I would also get a fairly massive amount of money in one lump sum.   

       She told me this was stupid and that if I'd put that money in a bank it would have accrued interest and be even more money.
I said; Sure... but there's no way I wouldn't have spent it then.
She just shook her head and rolled her eyes.

       But she married you anyhow. Go figure.   

       In other imponderable, I also know people who let the gov withhold more than necessary so they get a refund on tax day. But as your wife said, I'd much rather handle that money myself than give the gov an interest free loan.
a1, Jan 26 2023

       Hey Chron, this is really pretty substantial. Any plans to actually move into evaluating the launch of this for real?
doctorremulac3, Jan 26 2023

       //she married you anyhow. Go figure//   

       Like I said we make a good team. I was in my twenties, didn't trust banks one bit and needed a piggy-bank I couldn't tap at whim and the banks couldn't touch.   

       Twice in my life a bank has frozen my accounts due to mistakes not of my own making, and for many years any business I applied for a job with had to have their business account in the town or city I lived in because back then banks had to legally cash any cheque written at their branch, so I would often be walking around with several thousand dollars on my person.   

       It was safer that way.   

       // a bank has frozen my accounts due to mistakes not of my own making //   

       Just more proof of the conspiracy.
a1, Jan 26 2023

       Ugh... You bet your ass there's conspiring up the friggin wazzoo, and I'm right about it...
...but shit done to me thirty or so years ago?...

       No conspiracy just bureaucracy.   

       (damn near as bad if you ask me)   

       One time I got conned into accepting a cheque from some chick I knew given to her from her mother but it was post dated past her rent date and she was going to get kicked out of her apartment. I put her bouncy cheque into an ATM and gave her the money since it would clear the next day.   

       It didn't.
The semi-long con.
Where, (instead of a single victim), you infiltrate a group and woo them into trust so that the haul is multiplied by the number of rubes in said group.

       Second time I lost a T4 and so didn't report that tax on my three months of wages at some job from the tax return of the previous year and our oh so benevolent government demanded all of my wages for those three months in recompense for my indiscretion.
When I explained, several times, to several individuals, that they were not demanding the taxes on my wages but my wages themselves for those three months and that they needed to figure their shit out...

       ...that one bank drained my account twice while trying to pay them out.   

       I don't really recall exactly what that fuckery cost me, but, Daaaaamn... it were'nt fun son.   

       ...I know for sure that it didn't come back, with interest, from the parties responsible for said fuckery the way it would have had to If'n I was the one owing them.   

       ...and that recompense is long overdue.
Maybe there is interest now.

       > Hey Chron, this is really pretty substantial. Any plans to actually move into evaluating the launch of this for real?   

       It's a lot of work. Would need to set up a marketplace website and have a good design to be beautiful.   

       It's a combination of an umbrella company, shell company, employer of record company, accounting company, payments provider. It's a business powerhouse.   

       As the bootstrap company, you would be telling people how to do business using your software so you're actually a TECHNOLOGY company.   

       You would need good technology stack and online services to serve people. You could use integration services to integrate other companies with the bootstrap company's tooling.
chronological, Feb 07 2023


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