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"Right" map

Society is extremely complicated. Most people understand an extremely small section of total societal knowledge Even an average IQ person shall struggle to start a business. Let's change that. I want more lifestyle businesses to start and success to be more evenly distributed. I think life is hard. There is social norm and there is law and human behaviour. Most business fails unless you do something right, the problem is that you sometimes never find out what is right and you fail without the answer to what would hast been successful. I propose every company is studied for fundamentals that all companies exhibit and maps are created to guide toward success.
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If you do everything right, how can you fail?

The basis for decisions can change within a day or week as decades go on in days or weeks. So we need some logical framework for assertions and attestations. We can use computers to create logical maps of what is guaranteed success.

If something doesn't succeed then something wasn't right.

Surely the cleverest people can create maps that always apply? Why does that restaurant fail but a restaurant chain is successful regardless?

chronological, Jul 08 2022


       //I want more lifestyle businesses// That is where you are going wrong. Lifestyle businesses are a parasite and a pox on the world.   

       The map you need shows energy flows and entropy, since every system in the universe follows the paths on that map. The key to navigating the map is the study of Human evolution and evolved behaviour and capabilities.
pocmloc, Jul 08 2022

       // The map you need shows energy flows and entropy// So all I have to do to run a successful business is use a lot of energy? Whodathunkit
Voice, Jul 08 2022

       Yes on average that's about right.
pocmloc, Jul 09 2022

       Well, the first rule of entrepreneurship is to break all of the established rules.
RayfordSteele, Jul 09 2022

       Yes, but survivorship bias.
pertinax, Jul 10 2022

       // the first rule of entrepreneurship is to break all of the established rules.// So to start a business I need to sit outside the business-place of my would-be customers eating fruit loops and muttering obscenities. I should also waste all the money I can, advertise to the carp in a nearby lake using sonar, not actually buy anything to sell, and commit fraud.
Voice, Jul 10 2022

       I would pay to see that!
pocmloc, Jul 10 2022


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