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Shingle Bells

Musical Roofing Device
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Half-pipe plate variations, laid in the traditional overlapping convex, concave, convex, concave manner; each mechanically free of its neighbours, attached and touching at only at one point - to an underlying stringer, that attached to the soundboard roof underlay.

Quite a few man hours goes into the arrangement of the variety of shapes, sizes, materials and attachment points, to lend a pleasing visual, as well as aural pastiche, while retaining its raison d'etre, ie: keeping the rain off.

Most effective during hailstorms.

FlyingToaster, Dec 24 2016


       this could be worse than Chinese water torture. Amazing
theircompetitor, Dec 24 2016

       Because of this idea relying on weather, I think you are going to need help from a computer cluster for a pleasing auditory whimsy.   

       Timing/tempo might be a issue so a capacitance, of some sort, would have to be included.
wjt, Dec 24 2016


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